How to Save Money on Groceries: 20+ Best Sam's Club Pantry Finds

Lori | Home Made Simple
by Lori | Home Made Simple

Making homemade food is the best way for us to give our family nourishing meals, and I believe that the basis for all of that is having some great foundational pantry items and freezer items that we can keep on a regular basis.

Sam's Club is a great place to find those items if you are looking for how to save money on groceries. Let's talk about some of the great long-term food storage and pantry items here at Sam's Club.

1. Pantry

Having a well-stocked pantry is so important as a homemaker because it allows us to draw from already purchased items to create affordable and healthy nourishing meal plans without having to spend a lot of money each and every week.

The more substantial our pantry, the better we are going to be able to feed our family good nourishing meals without spending a ton of extra money each week on the grocery budget.

So what makes a good pantry staple? First, you want it to be a long-term shelf-stable item. Another super important thing is versatility – buy products that will be good building blocks for many various meals. Things like pasta, rice, oatmeal, flour and canned vegetables are going to be good for a really long time, and they are always going to be useful in a million different ways in your food recipes.

Finally, perhaps the most crucial thing is making sure that what you buy are items your family likes and has use for. There is no sense in having a pantry full of healthy items that you know nothing about or that your family absolutely refuses to eat – ultimately it is just a waste of money and time and effort.

So begin building your pantry by adding items that you know your family enjoys eating and you are comfortable working with on a regular basis, implementing them into your meal plans. Now let’s actually build our Sam’s Club pantry!

1. Vanilla extract

I like to make my own, but it takes a really long time for it to set and cure, and Sam's Club's is great.

2. Spices and seasonings

Both organic and regular options are available and are a bargain.

3. Baking soda

It comes in a gigantic 14-pound bag for less than $10.

White vinegar

4. White vinegar

2 gallons for less than $6! Just like baking soda, this will come in handy for your baking and cleaning needs.

5. Basmati rice

A healthy inexpensive whole grain ingredient with plenty of vitamins and minerals that is perfect as a meal extender.

6. Pinto beans

Gives you protein, vitamins, and minerals without the huge expense of meat.

7. Canned vegetables

Such a great way to have veggies without having to get fresh produce all the time! Del Monte is a great choice, not containing any genetically modified ingredients.

Cane sugar

8. Natural brown sugar

Much less processed than regular white sugar and makes the best cookies and desserts.

9. King Arthur bread flour

This has not been available for a while, and is a much better choice than bleached flour that does not have the vitamins and minerals.

10. Almond flour

For those of you who are willing to spend a bit more for a gluten free option.

Olive oil

11. Unrefined coconut oil and organic olive oil

With a high smoke point, these are great for cooking.

12. Large bags of nuts: natural and salted

Make for great snacks on their own and are also a great addition to desserts.

13. Canned tuna

This wild-caught tuna packed in water is a great product to keep in your pantry for emergencies, full of protein and taking up minimal space.

Rolled oats

14. Rolled oats

Sam’s Club now has their own brand, and it is so much cheaper.

15. Maple syrup

One of my favorite ingredients to have in the pantry.

16. Raw honey

Another great natural substitute for sugar, and the new packaging is awesome and so convenient.

17. Natural no stir creamy peanut butter

If you are a mom, peanut butter is a must, and this one does not have too many ingredients.

18. Snacks: beef sticks, North Almond Pecan and more


Now let's talk about some things that we can put in our freezer that will allow us to pull from our inventory and have really nourishing, good meals without having a lot of extra expense week by week.

Things like cheese, vegetables, and fruits from the freezer section are great to store in our freezer. These ingredients will allow us to put together a great healthy meal plan without investing too much time in preparing fresh fruits and vegetables. Whenever you are low on time, these are the kinds of items to have available in your freezer.

1. Chicken tenders and chicken nuggets

These are not perfect, but have a lot better ingredients than the normal traditional chicken nuggets.


2. Meats: chicken, turkey, ground beef, rotisserie chicken

All non-GMO and do not contain antibiotics.

How to save money on groceries

Now you know how to save money on grocery shopping and build a foundation for great meals that is always in your home and ready for use. With all of these amazing ingredients, you will be able to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as varied healthy and nutritious snacks.

What are your pantry and freezer staples? What are your go-to products to buy at Sam’s Club if you have a membership? Leave a comment and let me know!

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