One Month's of Groceries for a Family of 5 For Just $150

by Simplify

Today, Christine of the Frugal Fit Mom is showcasing an entire month of grocery hauls. With three hungry, athletic boys in the house, Christine is excited to share all her recent grocery shopping in one video:

Starting on May 4th, Christine visits the bread outlet after a long break. Her family has developed a preference for the Naked brand of bread, so she stocks up on bagels and sesame seed buns. She notices that the prices have increased compared to before but still considers them a good deal.

Continuing her shopping on May 8th, Christine heads to Walmart to gather ingredients for the final Waffle Wednesday, a tradition she upholds for her children and their friends.

While exploring the food section at Walmart, Christine notes the decreasing prices of eggs and shares her surprise at the expensive Kit Kat cereal.

Grocery shopping

On another shopping trip to Walmart, Christine seizes the opportunity to purchase Chobani smoothies on sale, as she received a Facebook notification about the discounted price. She includes the smoothies in her haul, along with other items for her family's meals, such as rolls, a spiral-sliced ham, and pizza ingredients.

Throughout the month, Christine focuses on using up the items in her freezer and leveraging affordable cuts of meat, like the discounted ham, to stretch her budget. She shares her strategies for feeding a family on a budget and reflects on the importance of buying non-junk food to save money.

Christine concludes her grocery hauls for May, summing up her total expenses, which comes to $150.

Do you have any budgeting tips or recommendations for grocery shopping? Leave them in the comments below.

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