Walgreens Couponing for Beginners: 10 Policies You Need to Know

Today I will be digging into Walgreens couponing and the different Walgreens coupon policies. They have a full coupon policy on their site, but I will cover the important ones.

1. Walgreens limits coupon usage per day

Suppose you're familiar with the vocabulary of coupons. In that case, you know that sometimes there is a limit written on the coupon, like one per household per day or four identical coupons per household per day. Walgreens' policy says they limit coupons to four identical per household per day.

If the individual coupon has a different requirement, they will follow that one. But if you don't see any requirement on the coupon, Walgreens says they will limit all coupons to four identical per household per day.

2. Walgreens does not accept digital reproductions

Walgreens will not accept digital reproductions of coupons. This coupon policy means that someone can't take that picture I posted to Instagram and scan it at the register. You have to have the coupon in hand physically.

3. Walgreens does not accept coupons for free products

Sometimes manufacturers will put out coupons for entirely free products. Per Walgreen's coupon policy, they will not accept printed coupons for completely free products. If you have a coupon like that, it's better to use that coupon at a different retailer.

Walgreens store

4. Walgreens allows coupon stacking

Their coupon policy says that Walgreens allows the stacking of coupons, which means you can use one manufacturer coupon and any applicable Walgreens coupons. Then it goes on to say, so long as the value of the coupons doesn't exceed the product's price. If the value of that manufacturer coupon is higher than the product's cost, it will not come off at checkout. The coupon will automatically adjust to the item's price if it is a Walgreens store coupon.

Now, I have noticed one thing, and this is a little trick for you. Let's say I had this toothpaste on clearance for one dollar, and I had a $2 manufacturer coupon. If I buy one of these, that two-dollar manufacturer coupon will not come off. I have noticed that if I buy two of them and my total cost is $2, that two-dollar manufacturer coupon will come off, giving me both of those items free.

5. In-store coupon value vs online coupon value

Another trick to note with the manufacturer coupons and the Walgreens store coupons is their value in-store vs. online.

When you use a coupon when shopping in person at the store, the coupon will not be applied if the value of the coupon is higher than the item purchased.

When you are shopping online, Walgreens adjusts the coupon's value to equal the product's price, allowing you to get the product for free (you will not get cashback).

6. Walgreens store coupons work on multiples of an item

One thing I want to quickly touch on is that Walgreens store coupons are different than manufacturer coupons and that they will attach multiple times. If there is a Walgreen store coupon for $5 off a product, if you buy one of those products, $5 will come off. If you buy two of those products, $10 will come off.

How to coupon at Walgreens

7. The value of some coupons is divisible by how many you buy

Sometimes store coupons will be a specific dollar amount off of multiple items. The important thing to know with this is if you buy one item, half of that value will come off. For example, if the coupon is for $1 off two or more items, you will receive .50 off each item if you buy two. You will receive .25 off each item if you buy four items, and so on.

8. You can not use more manufacturer coupons than items being purchased

Now, this is a tricky one. Walgreens does not allow you to use more manufacturer coupons than you have items. Suppose I had something like their register rewards and I wanted to buy one item with a manufacturer coupon and a register reward. In that case, I could not do that because that is two manufacturer coupons on one item, and Walgreens does not allow you to have more manufacturer coupons than you have items.

Another coupon policy that falls into the above category is if there is a promotion at the store for "buy two get one free." If you have coupons for those items, you cannot use more coupons than what you have in the buying part of the promotion. So if it's "buy one get one free," you can use one manufacturer coupon. If it's "buy two get one free," you could use two manufacturer coupons.

You could use one on each of the items that you are buying. You cannot use a manufacturer coupon on the one you would get for free.

9. Walgreens credits coupons amounts in the customer’s favor

Another great policy that Walgreens has is if there is a promotion for buy one, get one half off. That is their store promotion. So if you buy one item, it will ring full price. If you buy that second item, it will ring half price. But if you have a buy one, get one free coupon, how much is that coupon going to take off? According to their coupon policy, it will take off the amount that is in the customer's favor.

10. Promo codes work only for online ordering

One more thing I want to mention in this video is promotional codes or promo codes. You may see them at the banner at the top of the website for 25% off or 20% off a certain store amount with a certain promo code.

Those codes are only good for online purchases. That could be a curbside purchase that you order online and pick up in the store, or it could be a ship-to-home order.

Walgreens couponing

Walgreens is a great place to save money with coupons, so be prepared with your tips and tricks and know the Walgreens coupon policy before visiting the store. That's all I have on Walgreens couponing, for now; stay tuned for more savings hints and tips for Walgreens!

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