Take a Tour of This Interior Architect's DIY Studio Apartment

by Simplify

Architect Carolien Potter turned her tiny studio apartment in Antwerp, Belgium into a lively functioning home. Let’s take a look at how she did this, and perhaps her ideas will inspire your own DIY studio apartment project.

One of Carolien’s goals was to go from a dark bathroom and separated kitchen to an open space filled with natural light coming from the only window. She removed all of the inside walls and used a cabinet to divide the areas, which acts both as a storage unit and a wall for the bed and bathroom.

DIY studio apartment

Closest to the front facade window is the living room. There is a green sofa, a side table, two lounge chairs, and some plants. The floor of the apartment is a herringbone mosaic parquet, installed by Carolien herself.

The kitchen is designed in white and has a built-in refrigerator, a hidden washing machine, a combi oven, a dishwasher, and an induction cooktop. The sink also has a boiling and purified water tap, quite a luxury for a small space.

The counter extends to a seating bench with built-in storage, making space for the dining area. The dining table is a simple round table, based on a secondhand table leg and a new tabletop. Above the dining table is a flowerpot pendant light.

A sleeping cove was created within the box, separated by a curtain. The walls are kept white to create a light space and let the box pop in this studio apartment design. An opaque bedroom wall adds natural light to the bathroom, and a raised bed with storage underneath the podium maximizes space.

In the bathroom, the walls are the same green as the cabinets in the kitchen, and the flooring is a light gray tile in reference to the gray and white kitchen countertop.

DIY studio apartment

Carolien Potter's Studio 98 project shows how you can reimagine a small and outdated space, turning it into a cozy and stylish home. What do you think of this studio apartment design? Let us know in the comments below.

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