See Inside This Tiny Apartment in Hong Kong With Hidden Storage

by Simplify

Think it’s not possible to live in a 538 sq ft apartment in Hong Kong and still have enough space for storage? Think again. Adrian Hung is an interior designer and one of the founders of WonderWonder, a design firm specializing in spatial design.

Adrian develops tiny apartment storage ideas that work for busy families, and he’s showing off the hidden storage built into these diamond-shaped Hong Kong apartments.

Located in Whampoa Garden, a noticeably tall building houses plenty of tiny apartments in Hong Kong that were created with workable space in mind.

Whampoa Garden, Hong Kong

As you enter, you’re greeted by a curved divider that houses storage for shoes and other daily items but also allows you to see straight through to the living room space and the windows just behind it.

With an open space concept and natural light flowing in, the residents of the apartment are able to enjoy the comforts of relaxing on the couch, working out, and watching tv in this space.

The tv stand also doubles as an additional seating arrangement and storage space, showcasing the smart design of hidden storage ideas for this apartment.

The small dining space is also an example of clever design. With a table and chairs on one side and bench seating with hidden storage on the other, the couple who lives here is able to entertain guests and put away any items they don’t currently need.

Interestingly enough, Adrian was also able to hide their air conditioner in this space in the curve of the bulkhead.

The kitchen in this apartment in Hong Kong is rather small compared to American standards, but it still manages to have quite a bit of cabinet storage. And the master bath and bedroom are just large enough for normal living activities and a small amount of storage.

Tiny apartment in Hong Kong

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