10 Minimalist Spring Outfits You Can Make With a Capsule Wardrobe

Created for Eden
by Created for Eden

How do you make a bunch of minimalist spring outfits with a capsule wardrobe? I’ll show you how with these spring outfit ideas! I’m going to create 10 simple looks using 10 outfit essentials you need for spring, which I’ll mix and match.

I do this to challenge myself and to show you that you don’t need a huge wardrobe in order to be creative and unique with your outfits.

Here’s the list of items I’ll mix and match:

  1. White t-shirt
  2. Striped t-shirt
  3. Gray t-shirt
  4. Jeans
  5. Green pants
  6. Blue pants
  7. Blue skirt
  8. White dress
  9. Blue shoes
  10. Brown clogs
Classic spring outfit

1. Classic casual

Here’s a white t-shirt with some blue jeans with blue spring shoes I got at a thrift store. The jeans are from Levi’s, also from a thrift store. The white shirt is from H&M.

Simple and casual outfit with a striped t-shirt

2. Simple casual

Here’s the same look with the same jeans and a thrifted striped t-shirt. I switched out the shoes for some brown clogs. I added a hat, a different bag, and a necklace.

White linen dress

3. Saturday look

This is a white linen dress with the same blue shoes as the first outfit. I paired it with a straw market bag.

White linen dress with different accessories

4. Casual Saturday look

This is the same dress with brown clogs and earrings. 

10 outfit essentials you need for spring

5. Fun casual

Here’s a basic gray t-shirt from a thrift store paired with an Old Navy skirt. My dangly earrings add a touch of fun. 

Minimalist spring wardrobe

6. Another fun casual combo

Here’s the white t-shirt with the Old Navy skirt. 

Spring outfits

7. Pants combo

Here’s the same basic white t-shirt paired with green pants from American Eagle and brown clogs. I added a hat to complete the look.

Minimalist spring capsule outfit

8. Another pants combo

I paired the same green pants with the striped t-shirt and blue shoes. 

Classic work outfit for spring

9. Classic work outfit

I took the gray t-shirt and paired it with these blue Everlane wide-legged pants plus clogs. 

Minimalist spring outfits

10. Classic navy combo

You can’t get any more classic than a striped t-shirt and blue pants. I chose blue shoes and a dark purse.


How to change up capsule wardrobe outfits

Remember accessories

Earrings, hats, purses, and other accessories always make a difference with every outfit. 

Minimalist spring outfits

Too often we wear the same combination of clothes but you can switch it all up to see how creative you can become with your outfits. You don’t have to go out and buy new clothes! As you can tell, putting my hair up or leaving it down changes the look of an outfit.

I hope you liked my minimalist spring outfits. Let me know in the comments how many pieces you have for your minimalist spring capsule outfits and how you put them together! 

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