11 of the Best Benefits of a Simplified Wardrobe

I love having a small, simplified wardrobe. In today’s post, I’m sharing exactly why I love my simple wardrobe so much. With 11 of the best benefits of a simplified wardrobe that make life easier and better!

11 of my favourite benefits of a simplified wardrobe!

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1. Saves you time

One of the best and most impactful benefits of a simplified wardrobe is the amount of time it saves you.

Not only is it quicker and easier to pick out an outfit and decide what to wear each day. But you also save time by shopping for clothes less. And even thinking about clothes less in general!

Save time deciding what to wear

Think about how much time you spend flipping through your clothes looking for something you feel like wearing.

Then there’s the time you spend trying on clothes you don’t love, don’t fit or don’t feel good on you. You either take these items off and have to rehang or refold everything. Or are left with a pile of discarded options adding clutter and mess to your closet and bedroom!

But when you simplify your wardrobe, you only keep clothes you look and feel good in. You get rid of any items you don’t love, don’t fit or don’t make you feel great. And you are only left with your favourite items that you love wearing and choose to wear often.

You can stop wasting time and energy filtering through or trying on clothes you don’t love or feel good in. And only keep the things you know you love wearing and feel great in instead.

And when you only have to choose between clothes you love and know you feel great in, getting dressed becomes faster and easier. And a lot more enjoyable too!

Save time by shopping for clothes less

Another way a simplified wardrobe saves you time is because you spend less time shopping for clothes.

When you build a simplified, carefully curated wardrobe, you stop feeling the need to constantly add to it. Or chase ever-changing fashion trends.

Instead, you love what you have and appreciate the simplicity and benefits a simplified wardrobe adds to your life. You’re inspired to keep your wardrobe simplified to continue experiencing these benefits. So you start spending less time researching, shopping for, comparing, etc. new things to add to your wardrobe.

2. Removes some stress from your life

When deciding what to wear is quick and easy, and your clothes make you feel good when you wear them, getting dressed (and your wardrobe, in general) is less stressful.

You can easily choose an outfit to wear each day, and feel good in your clothes. Simply because you’ve already weeded out the clothes you don’t look or feel your best in. Deciding what to wear is easy when you only have to choose between clothes you love!

You can think less about what you’ll wear, get dressed quickly and easily and get on with your day! And still know you’ll look and feel good in what you’re wearing.

Not only that, but your closet won’t be bursting at the seams, messy or chaotic and adding stress, clutter and visual clutter to your life and your home. And you aren’t faced with the guilt or stress of seeing clothes you don’t love, don’t fit or you don’t wear every time you open your closet.

Instead, a simplified wardrobe, is functional for you and makes life easier instead of adding more stress to your life.

3. Lets you streamline decisions

Decision fatigue is a real thing. Your brain can only make a limited number of decisions each day before the quality of your decisions starts to decrease.

We all make thousands of decisions each day. Some are small decisions, like what to eat for breakfast. And others that are bigger, more important work and life decisions.

Simplifying your wardrobe reduces the number of decisions you need to make deciding what to wear. And makes the decisions about getting dressed easier too.

Not only do you have fewer clothes to decide between. But when you only have clothes you love and feel good in, you’ll be able to decide what to wear with fewer and easier decisions.

You don’t need to weed through clothes you don’t love or like wearing before you find something you look and feel good in. You only need to decide between the clothes you already know you love.

When you can make fewer decisions about less important things like deciding what to wear, you can save your limited decision-making abilities for the more important decisions you’ll make in your day!

4. Saves you money with more intentional shopping

Another great benefit of a simplified wardrobe is the money it can save you.

When you simplify your wardrobe, you get really clear about what kinds of clothes you wear, love and feel good in.

You’ll stop buying clothes impulsively or just because they’re on sale that you may never or rarely wear.

Instead, you’ll start buying clothes more carefully. Making sure you love each item and feel great in it before buying it. As well as making sure it will work well with your wardrobe, lifestyle and preferences.

You’ll also see the benefits of having a smaller wardrobe made up of only the clothes you love. And will likely buy fewer clothes in order to keep your wardrobe simplified.

Instead of shopping for clothes for fun, to pass time or to give you an emotional life, you’ll shop more intentionally. Likely buying fewer clothes, and only shopping to fill specific needs in your wardrobe.

You’ll also be able to easily remember and keep track of what you already own. So you can avoid buying repeat or redundant items you don’t really need.

For all of these reasons, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to save money with a simplified wardrobe.

5. Helps you get really clear about your personal style

Simplifying your wardrobe and getting rid of the clothes you don’t love or feel great in lets you get really clear about your own personal style. You weed out the clothes that don’t work for you, so you know exactly what kinds of clothes you look and feel your best in.

Instead of trying to chase or keep up with ever-changing fashion trends, you already know what cuts, styles, colors, silhouettes, materials, etc. you love wearing, feel great in and work best for your lifestyle.

And having a clear understanding of your personal style also helps you shop more intentionally when you buy new clothes.

You already know exactly what kinds of clothes work and don’t work for you. Helping you avoid buying clothes you don’t end up wearing or loving. And you can even shop less because your style changes less and is more consistent.

You may even find you are able to break your style down into a “uniform” or a small selection of your favourite outfit formulas to make adding to your wardrobe and deciding what to wear even easier.

6. Helps you feel more confident

When you have a clear understanding of your personal style and what clothes make you look and feel your best, it’s easier to feel confident in your style and your clothes.

As you simplify your wardrobe, you get rid of what doesn’t make you look or feel your best, and only keep the clothes that do. When you feel great in all of your clothes, your confidence in your style, your appearance and yourself grows.

7. You’ll always have something to wear

You’ve probably heard the expression “a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear”. It’s a common problem when your wardrobe is full of clothes you don’t look or feel your best in, clothes that don’t suit your lifestyle, clothes that don’t fit and clothes that don’t work well together to make outfits. And sometimes it’s simply a problem of too many choices making it hard to decide what to wear.

All of this adds clutter to your closet, your home and your life. As well as making it more difficult and stressful to decide what to wear.

But as you simplify your wardrobe, you get rid of the clutter and the “filler items” you don’t love, don’t feel good in, don’t fit, don’t work for your lifestyle, etc.

Then, not only can you easily see all of your options to wear. But it’s also easier to decide between them because all your clothes fit, work for you and make you look and feel good when you wear them.

Simplifying your wardrobe shows you more clothes don’t always mean more options.

Instead, when you love each item in your wardrobe and choose versatile clothes that are easy to mix and match with each other and dress up or down, you’ll always feel like you have something to wear because your entire wardrobe is made up of things you love and feel great in.

You don’t necessarily need more clothes to have more options, you just need the right clothes for you!

8. You’ll need less space for clothes storage

Another benefit of a simplified wardrobe is that you need less space to store your clothes.

Setting up and maintaining a tidy, organized closet is so much easier with fewer clothes. Not only do fewer clothes mean more space in your drawers and closet. But it also removes a big source of clutter – and the stress that comes with that clutter! – from your closet and bedroom.

A simplified wardrobe shows you you don’t always need a bigger closet or more storage space to have a tidy, organized and easy to maintain wardrobe. You often just need to have fewer clothes by getting rid of the clothes you don’t love and feel great in!

9. Helps reduce clothing-related guilt

Clothes you don’t love, wear or feel good in can carry a lot of negative feelings with them.

Maybe you feel guilty about the money you spent on clothes you don’t wear or like. Or maybe you feel bad about yourself every time you see clothes that no longer fit the size and shape of your body today.

Whether it’s buyer’s remorse or negative feelings about your body, the clothes you don’t love or wear can add a lot of negativity to your life. But by clearing out those unworn and unloved clothes from your closet, you can clear the negative feelings they evoke along with them!

You don’t need to continue punishing or torturing yourself. Let go of the clothes clutter and the guilt that goes along with it!

10. Increases feelings of gratitude and contentment

When you clear the clothes you don’t wear or love, and the negative feelings they hold along with them, you create space for more positive feelings related to your clothes instead.

When your wardrobe only holds clothes you love and feel great in, you appreciate your clothes more. And when you appreciate what you have, your wardrobe gives you positive feelings of gratitude.

Not only that, but when you love and appreciate what you already have, you stop feeling the need to buy more, newer, trendier, etc. clothes. When you love and appreciate what you have, it helps you find contentment with your wardrobe instead.

11. A simplified wardrobe you love just feels good!

And finally, my favourite benefit of a simplified wardrobe, filled only with clothes you love and feel great in, is it simply feels good!

It makes you feel good in so many different ways.

Getting dressed is fun and easy when you only have to choose between your favourite clothes.

You’ve let go of what you no longer love, wear or feel great in, helping you feel lighter and freer. And it feels good to open your closet each day.

You feel more confident in the way your clothes look and feel on you. And feel grateful and content with your wardrobe.

Getting rid of the clutter, the guilt, the extra decisions, the clothes that don’t make you feel fabulous…all of those things just feel good.

And that’s a really good reason to simplify your wardrobe!

The benefits of a simplified wardrobe

There are so many reasons to love a simplified wardrobe. These are some of my favourite benefits of a simplified wardrobe.

Simplifying my wardrobe has been one of my favourite simplifying projects to date. I truly didn’t realize the burden a closet full of clothes I didn’t wear or love added to my life…until I got rid of most of them.

Now, my smaller, simplified wardrobe makes me feel great, makes life easier and saves money in the process. For those reasons, and all the reasons listed in this post, that makes having a simplified wardrobe definitely worth it for me!

Do you have a simplified wardrobe? What’s your favourite benefit of a simplified wardrobe? If your wardrobe isn’t as simplified as you’d like yet, which of these benefits is most inspiring to keep you simplifying? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  • Roh56950458 Roh56950458 on Oct 14, 2022

    Great article. Too wordy? I think not. By the time I finished reading I was motivated to get up and clear the clutter. Bullet points always make me skim read. Thanks for taking the time to write.

  • Timothy Irvine Timothy Irvine on Sep 17, 2023

    All insights worth sharing. I have a small and simple wardrobe. I think you missed another huge benefit. If your wardrobe is smaller, you can afford for it to be better. Get off the fashion treadmill and seek out clothes made in your own country from natural, untreated fibers. Opt for wool or linen over cotton. When you buy cotton, see if you can find organic cotton. Growing and bleaching cotton consumes gobs of water, fertilizer, and chemicals better not pumped into the environment. Well made clothing and shoes may cost more at the outset, but properly maintained, their longevity can be astounding. Seek alternatives to products treated with harmful and/or forever chemicals. Care for your own clothing rather than sending them out for cleaning, especially dry cleaning. Since this approach gets away from wrinkle free treatments, discover that ironing can be relaxing and/or that wrinkles do not hurt anyone! Cheers!