My Minimalist Wardrobe: A Capsule Closet for the Minimalist Mom

I'm going to be sharing my minimalist mom wardrobe with you. I'm also super excited to be collaborating with Jen. Jen is a mama of four. She shares all things minimalism, budgeting, homeschooling, and productivity.

Today you will get to see my whole wardrobe. I want you to know that I am not a fashionista. I have always been a very casual person. I love just to wear T-shirts and jeans.

I am a stay-at-home mama, so this is just what works for me in this season of my life and possibly the rest of my life because I have pretty comfortable clothes.

The minimalist mom wardrobe

This is an overview of everything I own in my closet. I like to think of it as the effortless mom wardrobe. I created a chart that helped me see how many clothes do have and that I genuinely don't need more.

I also thought it would be helpful for you to see it visually put together. My closet is filled with my favorite pieces, and I no longer stress about getting ready anymore. Everything I own, I love.

Plain tees


First up, t-shirts. I wear T-shirts all the time. Graphic tees make me happy. I have two that have stayed with me for years. Plain tees are also nice to have because you can mix and match. I also love how comfortable they can be. I love wearing loose clothes. 

How to create a minimalist mom wardrobe

Tank tops - Dress tops - Button downs

I live in Arizona, so loose, beach casual dress tops are heavenly when it's 100 degrees outside. Tank tops are also a must-have. They are also super comfortable. I also have button-downs. One is a short sleeve denim shirt that you can dress up or dress down. I can see myself adding one more to my wardrobe because I love the look.  

Denim jacket and hoodie


A wardrobe must-have is a denim jacket that is so comfortable you can dress it up or dress it down. I have a utility jacket I found at a thrift store. I have an olive green jacket, and it pairs perfectly with blue and black jeans and even white jeans. 

Neutral cardigans


You will never see me without cardigans. I like them because they are lightweight and casual. I also like to keep cardigans in the car or in my purse because I'm the kind of person that's always cold. You can wear them with dresses, jeans or shorts.  

Capsule minimalist wardrobe


I love sweaters. A cozy sweater will never steer you wrong. I have about six sweaters, and it might be time to let go of some of them, but honestly, I probably won't be letting any of them go. These are my go-to outfits because I usually pair sweaters with jeans and shorts. 

Minimalist dresses


I have a very special dress. I was wearing this dress when my husband proposed to me about seven years ago. It still fits me. It's by far the best dress I've ever had. It has pockets, and I will typically wear this with my heels or sandals. 

I have a pair of heels that are the only heels I own, and I wear them with my dresses. For other dresses, I will pair them with my ankle boots or heels. I have a very comfortable, flowy dress which is perfect for Arizona life. 



One thing I love about overalls is that you can style them with any T-shirt, and they look good. They are super comfortable, easy to style, they have a casual feel, and I normally like to pair them with sneakers. 

Denim shorts


Since I live in Arizona, shorts are crucial to have. We wear them every single day. It is so hot here, so it's so important to wear shorts.

One thing I love about shorts is that you can pair them with t-shirts and dress tops, and if I'm going out for a night, I will generally wear my ankle strap sandals to complete the look. 

Different colors of jeans


Last but not least, jeans. I love my jeans. I have them in all colors. I have olive green jeans. I have naturally worn-out jeans, black jeans, and ripped-up jeans. I love that you can dress these up and dress them down. 

You can wear sandals, you can wear heels, you can wear your sneakers, and they just work so well. 

My minimalist wardrobe

Our lives are constantly changing, and so is our style. It's okay if some items in your closet no longer represent your style. I have a designated area in my closet where I put the items that no longer add value to my life. I will sell or donate them and save them for staple items in secondhand shops. 

One of the things I love about minimalism is that you keep the things you love the most and let go of the rest. What are must-haves for your minimalist wardrobe? Share in the comments below.

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