How to Create a Minimalist Winter Wardrobe

by Simplify

Have you ever opened your closet and realized you have a lot of clothes yet nothing to wear? Having a lot of clothes does not equal having a lot of options. Dawn from The Minimal Mom helps you look at your clothes in a different way to find your winter wardrobe essentials. She shares how she created her winter wardrobe with adaptable tips.

Change your mindset about your wardrobe

Dawn wanted a simplified closet filled with items she could grab and wear any day for any occasion that made her feel good about herself. She eliminated anything that made her feel self-conscious or that needed constant adjustments throughout the day.

Dawn’s number one criterion for her wardrobe

Everything has to fit! She used to have 10 times as much clothing but only a fraction of the items actually fit and the rest was clutter. Decluttering also helps her see the gaps in her wardrobe that need to be filled.

Pack away clothes that don’t fit

Weight fluctuates over time and it’s hard to give up some outfits that don’t fit at the moment. Just pack them away for future use if needed.

Winter wardrobe

Dawn’s winter wardrobe

For Dawn, a simplified, versatile wardrobe works the same as a capsule wardrobe. She has a handful of dressy outfits but the bulk of her wardrobe is nicer workout clothes and casual work-at-home clothes.

Dawn has learned to streamline her wardrobe using these four tips. You’re worth having a wardrobe that makes you feel good about yourself. Do you have more tips on how to create a minimalist wardrobe? Comment below.

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