7+ Commonly Inherited Items That Aren't Worth Anything

Have you inherited some old vintage or antique stuff? It might not be as valuable as you may think.

Unfortunately, Grandma’s china is really not worth anything..read on for what else isn’t valuable.

  • Crystal pieces- The only brands that might fetch some money are:
  • Baccarat
  • Hofbauer
  • Kosta Boda
  • Lalique
  • Books- Many books aren’t worth anything.
  • First edition: Depending on the popularity of the book and author, first-printings may be more valuable. Unsure about a book? Here’s  how to identify  a first edition.
  • Author-signed: Again, depending on the popularity of the book, signed copies may carry more value.

  • Collectibles- If grandma has been collecting Precious Moments to fund your kid’s college, it might not be worth anything. Here are the common items that aren’t worth anything:
  • Souvenir thimbles
  • Souvenir miniature spoons
  • Commemorative plates
  • Beanie Babies
  • Hummel figurines
  • Precious Moments figurines
  • Longaberger baskets
  • Formal sets of china- Once part of a bride’s trousseau or given as a wedding gift, no one has formal dinner parties anymore. So there is really no need for formal dishes.
  • Huge pieces of furniture- Such as wardrobes and sideboards are too big for many of the places that people live in today. They take up a lot of room and are not practical.
  • Silver-plated silverware- Silver plate is different from sterling silver. Sterling has a market all its own, and full flatware sets contain enough silver to be valuable by weight alone.
  • Contemporary holiday decorations- They are too mass-produced to be worth anything. But more vintage Halloween and holiday decorations can be worth something.

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