How to Declutter Your Closet: Tops & Shirts

A Millennial Grandma
by A Millennial Grandma

In my previous post, I decluttered jeans, pants, and other bottoms. Today, I am decluttering my closet and purging the tops, t-shirts, and sweaters I'm no longer using. I am trying to live a minimalist lifestyle which means decluttering is essential. I'm going to empty my closet to make sure I don't miss anything. Let's get started.

I am taking out all the tops from our bedroom and placing them on a clothing rack in our living room. I am taking all the sweaters out of the middle of my dresser to free up space there.

Which blouses should you declutter?


I am keeping my Murphy blouse because it's an essential, versatile piece. I save it in multiple colors and will be keeping all of them.

I have a Forever 21 tie-up shirt. I haven't worn this in a while so I will get rid of it. Another great basic piece is my turtleneck tank, so I will keep it and another like it in a different color. 

I have a t-shirt made from a thick sweater material that I like, especially during the fall and winter so I will keep this one. Another blouse I am keeping I own in multiple colors and will be keeping because they go with so much.

My minimalist wardrobe tends to be versatile, using a basic style in multiple colors. I have a striped t-shirt and two tanks, which I'll be keeping. The tanks are the same shirt in different colors.

One of my t-shirts is stained, so that will be going. I will be getting rid of anything stained, including blouses. 

I am getting rid of crop tops because I no longer wear them.

I'm keeping a gray t-shirt I love because it's perfect for hanging around, especially during the summertime when it gets really hot, and you don't want anything too tight and sticking to your body. 

I am decluttering uncomfortable tops like a bodysuit that doesn't have snaps, making going to the bathroom difficult.

I keep knit tanks because, like other styles in various colors, they go with many other pieces and are very versatile.

I am keeping basic turtlenecks. As you can tell, my wardrobe is shaping up to be a few basic styles in multiple colors.

Sweaters to declutter


I will keep my cashmere sweaters because they are great basics to have and warm too. I will also keep another warm sweater because I wear it often during the wintertime. I like cashmere sweaters because they are not bulky; they are warm and very soft. They have subtle differences in styling but are basic enough to wear with multiple outfits. 

I will keep a sweater with a scalloped hem as a more stylish, unique option. I am keeping a long turtleneck sweater because I can wear it with leggings, mainly because it's long enough to cover my butt, and it has slits down the side so that it's nice and comfortable to wear. 

I am keeping all my HEATTECH tops because they're so comfortable and I wear them often.

I am keeping a Pug sweater because I love pugs. 

So I didn't get rid of many sweaters because, as I mentioned, I wore them often during the wintertime and just hung around the apartment. I like feeling nice, cozy, and warm, and I'm the type of person that runs cold all the time, so I like having a bunch of sweaters that I can rotate.

T-shirts and tank tops

T-shirts and tank tops

Now let's get to the T-shirts and tank tops. I am keeping a basic gray tank and other basic t-shirts that are plain and versatile.

 I will be getting rid of a low spaghetti strap tank. 

I am keeping a few concert t-shirts because I like wearing them when I'm just hanging around the apartment.

I'm getting rid of anything stretched out or anything where the fabric is heavily pilled.

How to declutter your closet

Overall, I didn't declutter many items from my closet this time. I've been trying to keep my items a lot more minimal and concise so that I can easily pair different pieces together. Almost everything I've kept fits that criteria.

Have you decluttered your closet? Comment below with your experience and whether you got rid of a lot or kept quite a bit.

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  • Harry Harry on Feb 04, 2023

    By the way you have done your work, I can see the benefits. However, I am am older man who also needs to declutter. What tips do you have for me? (My wife has passed away so I am eliminating all of her clothes by donating them to several charities that help women. Since they’re petite I am sure some people will be happy to get them.