70+ Easy Decluttering Ideas to Help You Let Go of Things

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Today we'll tour the house and discuss 70-plus easy decluttering ideas. We will dive deep and go room by room through a typical home and talk about ideas for things that could be decluttered from each room type. This is all about generating ideas for decluttering things you are comfortable getting rid of.

Decluttering the garage


1. Extra tools. If you have five hammers, do you need all five of them? 

2. There might be some rakes or brooms that you're not using. 

3. Paint cans that are nearly empty that you are holding on to in case there's a scuff.

4. Extra building materials, such as tiles or a small carpet remnant. 

5. Specialized outdoor gear, such as hunting equipment or fishing gear. 

6. Bikes, ride-on toys, and the larger yard equipment are things that are just a constant annoyance if they're not being used.

7. An extremely bulky item such as a boat. 

8. Broken items that made their way from the house out to the garage because you were planning on fixing them and never got around to them.

9. Sports equipment like basketballs that no longer hold air, a dull pair of ice skates, or cleats that no longer fit. 


10. Expired canned goods. If you have expired food, go ahead and get rid of that.

11. In your fridge, if you have anything you tried but didn't like that much.

12. Extra silverware or place settings that take up space in your cabinets.

13. The classic Tupperware that has lost its lid.

Decluttering the kitchen

14. Towels, dishcloths, potholders, and other things that are stained and ripped.

15. Small appliances or gadgets that do only one job but take up a lot of space. 

16. You may have lunch boxes, coolers, or ice packs that have seen better days and can be tossed. 

17. You also might have an abundance of water bottles, sippy cups, and coffee mugs. 

Dining room

18. Tablecloths, placemats, or linen napkins that you're not using.

19. Extra dinnerware or specialized holiday dishes you don't find yourself bringing out often anymore. 

20. If the table or chairs are broken, consider replacing them. 

21. Any piles that you have on your dining table. 

Living room

22. Any bulky furniture or furniture that you purchased to take up space in the room.

Decluttering the living room

23 and 24. Extra throw pillows or blankets. Now might be an excellent time to declutter some of those items. 

25. Any decor you have hanging up or around the room you don't love or appreciate.

26. Knick Knacks on shelving units that you are tired of dusting around. 

27. Plants. If you aren't finding joy in your plants, declutter them. 

Family room

28 and 29. Game consoles or games that aren't being used. 

30 through 32. DVDs, music CDs, remote controls. These items all fit within that media center. 

33. If there are books you are not reading or don't plan to read, again, you can declutter those.

Decluttering made easy

34 through 36. Art supplies, coloring books, games, and things like this in that space as well. 

37. The family room might also be where you keep your musical instruments. Declutter any you don't play. 

38. Sheet music for your instruments that you are no longer referencing.


39. For the adult bedrooms, if you have linens you are no longer using, declutter them.

40. Bedside tables might be a spot where random items accumulate. Go through those things and see what you can declutter.

41. Bedside lamps. A lot of people are moving towards sconces on the wall.

42. Within closets, there's probably some clothing that you have that you don't love and don't wear.

43. Shoes that are scuffed up or you don't wear.

44 through 46. Consider your jewelry or your neckties scarves. Decide what you plan on using. 

47. In a child's bedroom, there may be toys that the child no longer plays with.

Easy decluttering tips

48. Books that are below a child's reading level.

49. Children's clothing that has been outgrown. Unless a younger sibling is coming up close behind, you could pass them down.

50. In a child's bedroom, there is usually an area where they keep their treasures. Sit down with your child if they have this spot and go through that with them.


51. Products that you purchased that you thought you might love but you didn't end up liking. 

52 through 54. Hair care or grooming items such as brushes, curling irons, or fingernail clippers if they are broken, or you don't use them. 

Decluttering ideas

55 through 57. Worn out bath towels, washcloths, or loofahs.

58. Bath mats are another thing that you could consider decluttering or replacing. 

59. Tub toys if your children aren't taking baths anymore, 

60 . See if there are any expired medications in your medicine cabinet and get rid of those. Dispose of them properly. 

Home office

61. Cords that you have that you don't remember what they belong to anymore. 

Easy decluttering ideas

62. Broken pencils or pencils that the eraser is worn down.

63. Duplicates of small office supplies such as hole punches or staplers.

64. Old electronics like cameras or floppy disks or microphones, 

65. Notes or reference materials you don't find yourself looking at anymore.

66. Take the time to go through file cabinets and toss what isn't needed. 

Storage or accessory spaces

67. Kids' art projects. Take pictures of everything to make into small, thin books. 

68. Items that were gifted to you that you didn't like when you first got them.

69. Anything in a memory box that brings up bad memories.

70. Seasonal items that you don't use at least once a year. 

Random items

71. Pet supplies or toys that you don't use. 

72. Old greeting cards. If you don't plan to look at and appreciate them regularly, or they're just taking up space. 

73. Outgrown baby gear or baby items if you think that you are not going to be growing your family

74. Photo albums that you are not enjoying. Remove any duplicate pictures, and consolidate them into fewer albums so you can enjoy or display them. 

Easy decluttering ideas

This was a huge list of room-by-room decluttering ideas. I hope it gave you some easy decluttering ideas that you can use to declutter your home. If I didn't mention something that should be added, I would love to hear about that in the comment section below. 

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  • Nandini Nandini on Jul 04, 2023

    I learned this from my daughter in law, separate and place things in boxes with labels. They stay contained and tidy and prevents you from buying more of the same things.

  • Nandini Nandini on Jul 04, 2023

    If you have space in the basement to store things it’s worth it to invest in file cabinets and tool cabinets. They make great storage space that you can organize things in .