Easy Decluttering Ideas to Free Up Space in Your Home & Mind

by Simplify

We get it. Decluttering can be difficult. Sometimes we are really attached to our things. Sometimes, we feel guilty about getting rid of things that were expensive or that we used extensively at one point.

And, large things, like furniture, aren’t super easy to declutter. We can’t just throw our kitchen table in the trash bin.

If you are looking for a decluttering win, start with the easy things. These easy decluttering ideas can free up so much space in your home and mind, without too much difficulty or sentimentality.

Junk mail is an easy thing to get rid of. Throw all your mail on the table and throw out everything you obviously don’t need.

Ditto for bad food. It’s not adding any value to you, and it doesn’t take that long to go through your fridge and throw it away.

Throw away your expired coupons and old receipts. There’s no need to hang onto them once they are no longer functional.

If you are someone who keeps old electronics around, today is the day to start decluttering them.

Go ahead and throw away the remote controls that don’t work anymore, the cheap pairs of extra earbuds you don’t use, the depleted batteries that you are holding onto “just in case,” and any outdated media. There is no reason to keep a box of VHS tapes when you don’t have a VHS player and you can stream all those videos anyways.

Easy decluttering ideas

If you have unused boxes or packaging around your house, it’s time to declutter it. Same with used-up jugs and bottles. Throw them in the recycling.

Anything that you have duplicates of, see if you can combine and consolidate, instead of keep two identical products around.

It’s time to let the used-up candles go, along with the board games that you will never use again because they are missing pieces, the gross kitchen sponges that you’ve already replaced, the torn pet toys, and the old nail polish.

Having enough clothing that you enjoy wearing is important. But, it’s equally important to know when your clothing has passed its prime. Declutter those torn underwear and unmatched socks, the clothing and sheets that have accumulated too many piles, anything with broken elastic, baby items (once your baby grows out of them), and, if you don’t plan to have more children, your old maternity clothing.

Easy decluttering ideas

When starting the decluttering process, make it easy for yourself. Give yourself a quick win by getting rid of the easy things first. This list of easy decluttering ideas has the inspiration you need to get going.

Is there anything that you find yourself holding onto that you can and should let go of? Let us know in the comments below.

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