The Best Money-Saving Organizing Products on Etsy Vs Amazon

by Simplify

Etsy is great for personalized and artistic items. But did you know that Etsy also has home organization products as well? There are some amazing gems there, from Etsy desk organizers to Etsy closet organizers and everything in between. Here are some top finds from Etsy for home organization.

You can buy an acrylic sandwich bag organizer on Etsy. It’s super clean and cohesive looking and the fact that it’s transparent is super helpful. Because it’s see-through you can easily see when it’s time to restock your plastic baggies.

You can also find hanging roll keepers for holding rolled items like t-shirts or towels. It’s super versatile. Etsy sells a hoodie hanger which makes closet organization quicker and more doable.

This Etsy desk organizer is great. It’s a mesh net that goes on the underside of a desk. You can tuck all the wires and cables there for a simple, low-maintenance solution that keeps wires neat and out of the way.

How to organize your desk

For your children, you can pick up milestone boxes. The boxes come personalized and have labels for use on the file folders that you hang in there. Also for kids, customized hooks with names. These are super cute and are useful for keeping jackets or towels organized.

Etsy has high-quality, thick, and durable tote bags. Stuff them full of blankets, toys, stuffed animals, and anything else that needs a place to go, and they turn into an Ottoman that is quite comfortable to sit on.

Etsy vs Amazon

Etsy is a great place to go for all sorts of things. There are some amazing finds there. When it comes to home organization, Etsy has you covered as well.

What are some of the best or most useful items you’ve found on Etsy? Drop a comment and let us know.

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    Would love to see pictures of some of these products in the article. You probably had them in the video, but some of us can't watch a video, and some of us prefer to read.