How to Get Back to Basics, Reset & Declutter Your Stuff

by Simplify

Dawn from The Minimal Mom has a really interesting take on the whole decluttering process. She says it’s best to get back to the minimalist basics and look at every item you own as part of an overall inventory.

That way, when you think about everything on your mental list, it’s far easy to declutter stuff and enjoy the freedom of having fewer items to keep track of.

To start a minimalist decluttering project of your own, picture what it would be like to have a whole reset. In other words, imagine your house completely empty of goods and only allow those items you truly love or need to remain in it.

Having only the essentials in your home is so freeing. It feels good to have less stuff and many people would welcome that type of reset in their lives.

But while having Dawn come over to your house to do it for you isn’t feasible, she says you can save both time and energy by asking yourself several questions as you ponder each item in your home.

How to declutter your stuff

The first question is what is the purpose of this? Next, ask yourself if this item is fulfilling this purpose and if it’s not, move it to the donate or trash pile or remove it from your home immediately.

The key here is to answer this question with a simple yes or no. If the item may fulfill its purpose later on or only if circumstances change, the answer becomes a simple no.

Dawn says following this system works very well, and it only breaks down if we start making excuses for keeping things that fail to pass through the two-question system.

So if you want to declutter stuff, go through your house, room, closet, or drawer one item at a time and ask these two questions.

How to declutter your stuff

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To see more videos, check out The Minimal Mom YouTube channel.

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