How to Make Decluttering Fun in 5 Simple Ways

I decided it was time to learn how to make decluttering fun! The word “declutter” can feel overwhelming and not so fun. But I discovered five ways to declutter your life so it doesn’t feel so dreadful or boring.

I hope these ideas will keep you going and keep you motivated as you go about decluttering.

Decluttering your life

1. Set mini goals with rewards

Set goals, rewards, and challenges to keep your decluttering journey fun and interesting.

For example, set yourself a goal of decluttering one bedside table. Or make the goal bigger by deciding to do your entire bedroom so that you have a nice, calm atmosphere. You can give yourself a goal of a time challenge by decluttering as much as you can within 15 minutes.

There are also challenges you can take on, such as the 30-day minimalism game where you take the numbers 1 to 30 and declutter the number of items based on the day. Meaning on day one, declutter one item. Day two, declutter two items, and so on until you reach day 30 where you will declutter 30 items.

Another way to do this is to make 30 slips of paper, each one numbered from 1 to 30. Pop them into a jar and every day, take one slip of paper out, see the number, and that day you have to get rid of that number of items.

Give yourself rewards, too. It could be that you celebrate by sharing photos with your friends so they can cheer you on. Or reward yourself with a little treat along the way, like your favorite chocolate bar or smoothie that you can have when you finish a goal or challenge.

Just be careful that you are not rewarding yourself with purchasing items for your home because the idea is that we’re trying to get rid of as much as we can first before you can identify what it is that you need.

But if you’re trying to declutter your bedroom so you can reward yourself with new bedding, first declutter before you buy anything so you can see clearly what it is you really need.

How to declutter your life

2. Take before and after photos

This is a great way to reflect on your process and how far you’ve come. Take a photo of one area you’re focusing on, like a desk or cabinet, before you start. Then declutter and then take a photo. Then compare photos. See how much stuff you decluttered and how much better it all looks.

This is a good way to acknowledge the effort that you put into the project and that’s rewarding and satisfying. Share the photos with friends and family so they can share in your success so they can boost your motivation.

Trying on a skirt

3. Try things on and test products

Trying on different items helps you see what fits or doesn’t fit. Test out products to see if they really are broken or work. Maybe they are usable and you can put them back in service.

This is a way to become more active in your decluttering process. Trying on clothes helps you understand your style better. You can see if things are still in style or out of style. Or you can see if something is worn through in an area that you couldn’t have seen when the item was hanging in your closet or folded in a drawer.

Organizing with friends

4. Declutter with a friend

Decluttering with a buddy can mean different things. It can be a buddy that declutters their home at the same time you’re doing yours. Or it can be someone in your own home that you declutter with. Or, it can be someone who just keeps you accountable because they understand the process and why you’re doing it.

A buddy can also give you advice and help you process some of those more difficult decisions you need to make about decluttering a specific item or room. A buddy’s point of view can help you make a decision and keep you in check.

Tidying up while listening to music

5. Play music and eat snacks

There is nothing more fun than having your favorite music playing and having little nibbles available to keep you energized when decluttering. This tip helps you to have a better rhythm when you declutter instead of looking at it as an overwhelming task.

How to make decluttering fun

Do you think these tips can help you jump into decluttering your life in a more enjoyable way? Do you have other tips to add to make decluttering more fun? Let us know in the comments below!

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