How to Do a Minimalist Declutter & Bring New Energy to Your Home

by Delala

A minimalist declutter will give you a sane start to the new year by having a clean feeling every day. Decluttering makes everything feel fresh again, bringing new energy to the space. Putting my space in order makes me feel great. I'm going to walk you through a typical decluttering in my home.

Living room closet

I had quite a few things to declutter from my living room closet, so that's where we're starting today.

Decluttering the living room closet

I'm just going to remove everything from the closet and only put back what I want to keep. 

This method makes it easy to clean the closet before putting everything back. It makes sure I don't forget to declutter any items, and it's convenient for rearranging everything. 

I'll start with putting back the bulkiest items first, so I have more space to work with on the table. There are also new things that I need to make space for.

We went a little crazy buying second-hand puzzles. We also borrowed a few from family, which we finished and want to return. For now, I'm putting everything I'm decluttering on the floor simply because there's no room for it on the table. I'll deal with that at the end.  

Items to be removed

Many items I'm removing from my closet today are borrowed items, which is great because I can just give them back, and I don't have to find them a new home.

The feeling of being wasteful sometimes holds me back a little bit when I'm decluttering, but today that was not the issue.

Once you're done with the decluttering process, you're not yet done with the disposing process. I always try to find a good home for my items by selling them, giving them away, or recycling them.

Some days decluttering is really easy for me, and other days it costs me a lot of energy and makes me emotional. Today was a little mix of both. 

A little tip to prevent becoming overwhelmed while decluttering is to go over some of the items you want to get rid of in your head a few days before you're actually decluttering.

This way, you have a little bit of time to get used to the idea of letting go of specific items, and it gives you some time to make up your mind if you're actually willing to let go. 

Declutter before and after

Here is a final overview of the closet. 

It's always a work in progress to figure out the best way to utilize this closet, but it makes me so happy that I can easily grab everything again and that everything fits inside the closet. 

Now I'm putting everything I decided to remove from the closet on the table. I'm going to divide everything into piles of donations, returning them to a specific person and storing them somewhere outside until the next time I can drop them off. I'm also recycling some papers and putting a few things in the trash.  


Next, I'm going to declutter the kitchen. My mom gave me some of her Wedgewood cups, so I had to make some room for them. 

Decluttering the kitchen

I'm getting rid of a few mugs because I just don't need so many, and I'm also getting rid of some thermal flasks because we have too many to use.


The last decluttering part for today is upstairs. 

Decluttering hats, scarves, and glove

I'm decluttering my hats, scarves, and gloves. 

I'm keeping one scarf for each of us. We have a lot of different types of gloves for different weather conditions and activities, so those are a little harder to declutter. I'm trying to get rid of the gloves we hardly use without getting rid of something we need in specific situations.  

I'm not decluttering anything else from my wardrobe today, but I am going to clean my entire closet. I do this once a year to keep everything looking fresh.

My wardrobe is quite minimal at the moment and doesn't need much decluttering. I try to use my items to their full potential and only get rid of the items when it's beyond repair. 

I don't add much to my wardrobe, so naturally, I don't have much to declutter from my wardrobe. I have what I need, nothing more and nothing less. Some days I get a little tired with my wardrobe, but most days, I'm super happy and content with it.

Decluttering clothes

This closet has storage space for off-season jackets, bedding, and appliances like our fan and alarm clock. 

There's not much need to declutter because this part of the closet would be empty otherwise.


My cleaning routine

My cleaning routine consists of tasks I do every week. Some tasks I do monthly, others I do every season, and some tasks I do once or twice a year. I used to always feel like I should have my everyday things cleaned before I could continue with the special cleaning tasks.

However, after I had finished my regular cleaning routine, I would be tired and didn't feel like doing so much extra work, mainly because those are often the deep cleaning tasks that take more time and effort.  

Now I sometimes do them before vacuuming or dusting so they get done, and I don't keep postponing those tasks. I also sometimes cut the tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces. 

Minimalist declutter

Instead of deep cleaning the entire bathroom, I'm just cleaning the tile grout today, and I will do the other tasks another day.  

Minimalist declutter

That's my minimalist decluttering for today. What tips do you have for keeping your home decluttered? Share in the comments below.

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  • Me128070904 Me128070904 on Jun 26, 2023

    Every time I think about decluttering, I look at the stuff and I’m overwhelmed so, I don’t do anything ughh

  • Debby Debby on Jun 27, 2023

    Too many mugs?? I used to have a large mug collection: states, countries, cities, specific special places/things (ex: the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London; the Challenger Space Shuttle). The collection kept growing until it was too many and became cluttery . I took many mugs to a teacher who used them for Mother’s Day plants, and left a box of them in the teachers’ lounge for people to take. I still have a few favorites that I am using as small planters on my porch and in my house (spider plants, cacti..).