Questions to Ask Yourself While Purging Your Clothes

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Many people have no idea where to start when purging clothes in their closets. They look at their clothes and think, "I just don't need all of this," but when they want to start purging, the thought stops them in their tracks because they do not know where to start and how to discern what item to get rid of first.

I start with simple questions that help the client think and not make an excuse. Asking them specific thought-provoking questions will help them look at their items one by one and pinpoint exactly what needs to go.

Today, we will be sharing questions to ask yourself while purging your clothes to help you decide what to keep and what to donate or toss. They are straightforward and will help you look at the clothing you are saving. Let's begin!

First, pick up the clothing item and look at the fabric.

Then, ask these questions while holding the item to decide what to do with it.

Is it worn around the edges?

Is it discolored?

Are there holes in it that cannot be repaired?

Is the thread around the edges separating or breaking?

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, get rid of it. Remember: Donate gently used items by visiting our Donate Your Stuff page where to give clothing section. If it is noticeably worn, trash it.

Tip: Worn 100% cotton undershirts can be cut and re-purposed as cleaning rags.

Then, recall when you wore the clothing last.

Ask yourself this question about the item.

Did I NOT wear it last season?

If you answered YES, take the item, place it in a box, and put it in your attic or basement. Label the box "NOT USED CLOTHING" (add the date you boxed the clothing up). If you do not go into the box to find it in 6 months, you can donate the entire box.

Tip: Use a tightly sealed plastic box stored off the floor to protect from any damage from water or critters.

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Now, think about the fit of this piece of clothing.

Ask yourself these questions about the piece of clothing.

Examine the overall look of the item and ask yourself, is it too big?

Is it too small?

Does it not fit on the shoulders?

Is it too short in the leg?

Looking at the waistline: Is it too wide at the waist?

Is it too tight at the waist?

Look at your back in the mirror and ask, is it too tight on the back?

Is it too loose on the back?

Raise your arms and ask is there too much fabric under the arms?

Is it too tight on the arms?

Examining the shirts, skirts, and pants, ask if the length is too short?

Is the length too long?

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, donate it.

Tip: Go to a consignment shop to sell formal dresses and suits. You can recoup some of the money you spent.

Below is an image to share with all the questions you need to purge your clothes.

After you have gone through the questions while purging your clothes, you will better understand what you like and don't like about clothing. Make a note of what you did not like about the clothing you are getting rid of. Take the list with you when you go shopping, so it reminds you what NOT to buy. And, when you are ready to organize your clothes, visit our collection of Clothing organizing posts for handy and easy go-to tips.

What tricks do you have to get rid of clothing? Please leave a message below and share it.

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  • Pam Pam on Oct 27, 2022

    I ask myself, "Would I buy this again?" Saves me from asking, "Does it fit? Do I like it? Have I worn it?" etc.

  • Marian Goetsch Martinez Marian Goetsch Martinez on Oct 29, 2022

    Iam 77,and don't like alot of stuff at stores.What i like i keep,I have clothes 20yrs old that people like.Clothes do not make the person!

    • Israel Israel on Nov 07, 2022

      Hello, I agree on the stores, the things that they have I don't think to many people like. I have a question by chance do you have any kind of pantyhose, nylons, knee hi's you or even your friends want to donate to me I would appreciate it. My cousin and I were talking and she brought up when we were kids and how our grandmother would make these little stuffed dolls out of pantyhose for all her grandkids. I look back and it was a good idea. So we want to try it out and if they come out good possibly donate them to kids and thrift stores. Thank you.