Ways to Organize Your Life Better

by MaryJo

Hello friends! A few weeks ago I mentioned my home/life organization system. Today I want to delve into it with more detail. Let me share how to organize your life better.

ways to organize your life better

Over a decade ago I read the Flylady book and immediately I created my plan. I created my own control journal. Although the flylady was my inspiration, I have very much adjusted it to fit my lifestyle and personality. I do this across all aspects of my life. I am open to all suggestions and ideas, but then adapt whatever it is to what I know works for me and my family.

daily organization

My control journal basically compiles all the to dos and lists of life into different segments. I’m a “list” girl, and I’m guessing many of you are too. Better than writing something down on a list, is crossing it off the list. Right? So I have created basic outlines of my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines. Some are habits, and I don’t really need reminders, while others are necessary reminders.

ways to organize your life
daily ways to organize your life better

For my daily routines I have it broken down into to 3 main segments; 1} my morning, 2} dinner time and 3} bed time routines.

Morning Routine

My morning is pretty basic and the main focus is to start the day on the right foot; for me it is to get myself going and ready to then get Miss & Master Masterpieces ready and going on their day as well.

Dining Time Routine

The dinner time routine use to be the hardest when the kids were younger. I called it the witching hour when everyone needed baths, dinner, homework, etc. All done at the same time. Now that I have a tween and teen it’s basically a logistics game making sure everyone gets to the appropriate activity|sport on time. I also try to inject a family dinner as many evenings as possible. I love the family dinner and so does the rest of the family. That’s a good sign!

Bed Time Routine

The bedtime routine once again is self explanatory and much easier now that the kids take care of their own routines. I basically wish to unwind, go through my self care routine and prepare for the next day.

daily routines
weekly strategy to organize your life better

Every day has specific tasks assigned to it so that by the end of the week everything should have been addressed and completed. Of course there are times when you have to adjust any given week depending on what’s going on in life. It sets the foundation and outline to remind me of what needs to get done. Some examples of these tasks include menu planning, shopping for the food | household items, bill paying, laundry, cleaning the fridge, etc. You get the idea. These are things that need to be done every week, and by having a plan it makes it easier to stay on top of it.

weekly organization routines
monthly tasks to organize your life better

Every month my entire house is designated into different segments so that throughout the month every room and area gets cleaned, organized, decluttered, fluffed etc. The Flylady calls these {zones}, and this is probably the biggest portion of her plan that I use as per her tutelage. Basically every week during the month certain areas are the focus of my attention. Whether a room needs to be cleaned, redecorated or whatever it gets touched. Sometimes it’s as easy as cleaning out a closet, and other times its rearranging furniture and shining light fixtures. You decide, but this way your entire house gets touched one way or another any given month.

ways to organize your life
yearly plan to organize your life better

This is what I call my seasonal plan. This focuses more around holidays, celebrations and seasonal decor. Yup, this is the fun stuff. Except this sometimes is not fun or can be stressful if all the other stuff above isn’t done appropriately. It’s not fun to decorate or entertain in a dirty and messy house. So if I stay on track with everything else the seasonal plan is my reward.

Life is so much easier and enjoyable when you feel like all your ducks are in a row. I know that when I can’t sleep at night, it’s because something hasn’t gotten done, or I have a fast approaching deadline that I have not addressed. These routines and lists help me stay organized, which helps my overall wellness, which in turn benefits my entire family.

This is a broad stroke description of my organizational system, and I’ll go into further detail in future posts where I’ll break down all the sub systems.

Knowing all the necessary chores are getting done allows me to focus on some fun projects I will be sharing with you real soon

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“Organization is the foundation to a fun and happy life!

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