5 Minimalist Habits That Simplify My Life

Connie Riet
by Connie Riet

Minimalist habits start with simplicity. Simplicity boils down to identifying the essentials and eliminating the rest. Simplifying your life is just putting those two things into practice every day. I have simplified my life with these five easy habits.

There have been many times in my life when I was juggling so many different things. I was trying to get everything done, and in the process, nothing was getting done very well.

I realized that in order to relieve my stress and the chaos out of my life, I needed to learn how to simplify my life by eliminating not only the physical clutter in my life but also the mental and emotional clutter as well.

I found that by incorporating a few of these simple habits, I can make my life much easier and free up space and time for more joy.

1. Living more with less

When it came to my happiness, I found that my instinct was to look outside myself for joy. I would look for things and items to bring into my life and hope they would bring me joy and happiness.

Spending time shopping

I would buy things I didn't need, spend my time shopping, and always look for a magic thing that would fill my emotional bucket. 

I was in my 30s before I realized I was mistaken and that all of the new shiny objects would never bring me joy or happiness. I began living more and with less.

When I stopped shopping, it freed up time to live, explore and connect. In place of shopping, I used my free time to walk or hike. In nature, I began to spend my money on experiences like travel instead of just purchasing more stuff. 

Life is so much simpler and enjoyable. 

Arranging fresh flowers

I am finding joy in the little things, like arranging fresh flowers, spending time with my family, baking from scratch, and picking up a new hobby. I have a new relationship with the possessions in my life now.

The only things in my home are things that are useful, that add value to my life, or the items that I completely love. 

2. Don't multitask 

I used to consider myself the master of multitasking. I believed that to achieve everything, I needed to do all of it simultaneously.

Even though I was juggling a million different things and running myself in circles, I never actually ended up doing anything very well. I definitely was not productive. 

I was busy, overwhelmed, and always behind. 


The worst thing is that multitasking always left me unable to be fully present with my loved ones, my work, and even practicing self-care. 

I have changed my juggling ways and do far less while being far more productive. 

I used to make one big to-do list for the day. I still make a master to-do list, but each day I only pick the top three things that will make the most significant impact on my life.

My top priorities are not always work. Sometimes one of my top things is to spend time with my daughter or an hour of self-care.  

When I spread my priorities to include my family, friends, and self-care, I'mI'm happier. Because each area of my life gets attention, I'm more productive. 

3. Stay present

I simplify my life by staying present in the now and living in alignment with my values. Living for someone else's expectations and the plans that they might have for my life makes my life very complicated and anything but simple.

Trying to fit my life into somebody else’s expectations was not only exhausting, but it was also a losing battle. In the process, I lost touch with that authentic side of myself. 


The clearer I became on my values and beliefs, the simpler my life became.

Practicing yoga

I put thought into what I valued most in life, such as family, health, spirituality, and a connection to nature and the people around me. 

4. It's okay to say no

Time and energy are very limited resources. Living an overscheduled life is very complicated and overwhelming. When I accept something that I feel obligated to do, but my heart's not in it, I'm really not being present with myself, other people, or the project.

Learning to say no to things that didn't align with my values or things I didn't have time for took a little practice. 

Spending time gardening

However, not over-committing myself has freed up my time so much and has made me less stressed out, less frantic, and more present with the tasks at hand. 

5. Prioritize downtime

The ability to enjoy a simpler, slower life is to make slowing down a priority.

As the days, weeks and months seem to move faster each year, it's easy to get caught up in busy life and not take time to slow down and enjoy it. I'm most relaxed and fulfilled when my life has many seasons. 

Minimalist habits

I feel like there is a time for busyness, a time for play, and a time just to relax and replenish. 

Having a well-rounded life really helps me to slow down, enjoy every moment, and simplify everything. 

5 minimalist habits

Try these habits if you're trying to figure out how to simplify your life. What are some of the minimalist habits that you have found work for you? Please leave a comment below and share with us.

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  • Holly McElhiney Holly McElhiney on Feb 10, 2023

    These are all great habits you suggest! It looks like you're very well rounded and simplified. Any suggestions on some of the FIRST steps to take in the process? Thanks