7 Minimalist Laundry Tips To Cut Down Time & Save on Washing Clothes

Samurai Matcha
by Samurai Matcha

I can be so lazy when it comes to doing laundry. I've been thinking it through, and I was finally able to make my laundry routine as easy as possible. Here are seven minimalist laundry routine tips I thought of to help you cut back on washing time.

Minimalist laundry hamper

1. Use a collapsible laundry bag

A collapsible laundry bag is the ultimate minimalist laundry hamper. I like them because they fold up small for storage, and they’re light and easy to carry. On top of that, they are so big that they can hold a lot of laundry, including a kimono.

Using magnesium bags for laundry

2. Magnesium bags

Tip number two is to put magnesium bags in the laundry bag. Magnesium is the perfect minimalist laundry detergent. Magnesium makes water alkaline and removes dirt.

Minimalist laundry detergent

3. Don’t use detergent

Tip number three is don't use washing detergent. By not using washing detergent, you can save the trouble of constantly measuring and adding laundry detergent. All I do is toss in my magnesium bag with my laundry and press the start button.

Drying laundry in an empty closet space

4. Dry laundry in an empty closet space

If you dry your laundry outside or somewhere far from the closet, it will take time to move it, so I just dry it in the empty closet space. My room has an open layout, so I can dry my clothes this way. Some houses and apartments may be different, so dry your clothes the easiest way for you.

Folding clothes vs hanging them

5. Don’t fold

I used to fold all my clothes carefully, but it took a long time, so I stopped. Now I just hang my clothes on hangers and organize them in my closet. It saves a lot of time in contrast to folding, and you can see everything in one organized space. Using hangers instead of folding has really helped minimize the time I spend on laundry.

Minimalist laundry routine

6. Dry flat

I used to use clothespins, but it takes a lot of time to pin each article of clothing one at a time. That’s why now I use a flat, hanging drying net for small items such as socks and underwear. The flat drying net is great because you can just lay everything on it quickly, without much effort.

Minimalist laundry tips

7. Don’t fold socks and underwear

I used to fold socks or underwear carefully. But socks and underwear don't take up much space even if they aren’t folded, so I don’t think it’s necessary to fold them. Now I just put them in my closet when they are done drying. If you use the same type of socks, you can put them away without worrying about pairing them.

Minimalist laundry tips

After switching to these seven minimalist methods, washing clothes is no longer a problem. These minimalist laundry routine tips save me so much time. 

Do you have your own methods for minimizing the amount of time you spend on your laundry routine? I would love to hear them. Please leave a message in the comments section to let me know how you cut back time spent on laundry. 

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