How to Set Up & Keep a Minimalist Laundry Routine

by Simplify

Today, Mia Danielle is talking about tips and tricks for maintaining a streamlined, minimalist laundry routine.

Mia's weekly laundry load is relatively minimal, consisting of only one hamper for each of the girls, herself, and her husband, Matt. Laundry has never been a burdensome or overwhelming task for her family.

1. Have fewer clothes

Having fewer clothes leads to less laundry. You don't need an excessive number of clothes; having a versatile, curated wardrobe is much better.

2. Worn does not equal dirty

Unless clothes are visibly soiled or need freshening up, Mia hangs them back in the closet without washing them immediately. Most clothes remain perfectly clean after wearing them. By following this rule, clothes maintain their quality, colors, and longevity, eliminating the need for excessive washing.

3. Don't share towels

In her third tip, Mia unveils an unconventional approach—each family member has their own towel. She explains that they don't shower daily but rather alternate days depending on their activities and personal hygiene needs.

Mia assures viewers that since their towels are solely used to dry off clean bodies, they don't require frequent washing. Consequently, their towels remain fresh for more extended periods, reducing laundry loads.

Sorting laundry as a family

4. Batch washing

Washing smaller loads daily is unnecessary for her family. Mia prefers doing one or two full loads on the weekends.

5. Share the chore

While Mia doesn't mind handling the laundry process itself, she encourages delegation and participation among family members. Her eldest daughter, for instance, eagerly takes on the task in exchange for an allowance.

Additionally, each family member is responsible for putting away their own clothes, a habit Mia instilled in her children since their elementary years. By dividing the responsibility and having everyone put away their own items, they significantly reduce the time spent on this chore.

Minimalist laundry routine

Mia's laundry management system is based on perspective and individual circumstances, but these practical laundry tips are still helpful to keep in mind.

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