10 Things She's Not Buying in 2023

by Simplify

The last quarter of every year is a great opportunity to audit yourself and evaluate your trajectory for next year. Mia Danielle lives a minimalist lifestyle. After her end-of-year audit, she decided, as a minimalist, not to buy the following in 2023.

In 2022, Mia’s family replaced their old, hodgepodge luggage with good-quality, hard-sided luggage. There is no need to buy more in 2023. Good-quality luggage should last a long time.

The last two years also ended up filled with home remodeling for Mia’s family. A leak forced them to redo the kitchen. Plus, they had to makeover the nursery, with a baby on the way. It’s been enough remodeling and Mia promised herself not to buy any more remodeling supplies in 2023. This includes rugs, as all of the rugs at home were already replaced and updated.

She also purchased a new, five-pan set of cookware last year. There are so many new kitchen gadgets, but these five pans are sufficient for her needs and, as a minimalist, she doesn’t plan to buy more.

She also switched out her liquid laundry detergent with more eco-friendly and less messy laundry strips that she gets on subscription. As a minimalist, she will not buy liquid detergent in 2023.

Mia’s hair iron broke recently and while looking to replace it, she ended up seeing all the new hair-styling products on the market. As a minimalist, she doesn’t buy these new products, because she has a simple system that works, and doesn’t need more.

In Portland, where Mia lives, it gets pretty dark and gloomy in the winter. Consequently, Mia ends up buying new lamps every winter. 2023 is the year she decided to stop this and to accept that she can’t replace the sun and that she has enough lamps.

Bedside lamp

Mia is an artist. But the last time she bought supplies was 2020, and she still has more than half of those art supplies left. There is no need to buy more that she probably won’t end up using.

The last two items Mia isn’t buying in 2023 are pillows and bedding. She replaced her pillows last year with ones that are the right consistency. When you find something that works, hold onto it and stick with it. There is no need to get anything else. Similarly, the family upgraded their bed to a king-sized bed and replaced the duvet and sheets. There is no need to buy more bedding in 2023.

Things not to buy in 2023

We always want to bring new things into our home. But, as a minimalist, think about whether they are needed and if there is a good reason to buy them. What items do you plan not to buy in 2023? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Well don't come to my house. I don't replace things unless they require replacing.

    Wonder what car she drives. I have a 2005 Honda Civic with 492,000 miles on it. I bought it new for cash. Every mile was driven personally by me. And still going strong with minimal maintenance. I do have a newer vehicle that I use for longer trips or hardware store, Costco and Sam's Club runs for work.

    Wish she would have said something about her TV's. Mine are between 22 to 50+ years old. I do have a state of the art TV in my kitchen but I don't have HG service so it really doesn't matter.

    Who buys new lamps every year? I don't have that kind of disposable spending in my budget. When I update, I just make a new shade for it. And have sold some of my DIY shades too.

    Minimalist can be a broad spectrum. This is obviously her interpretation of the term.

    To me it's all common sense, live within your means. I do and if I really need something I save my money until I can purchase the item.