What To Do With Old Blinds: 10 Easy Ways To Upcycle

Are you wondering what to do with old blinds? Here are several easy ways to upcycle them and put them to great use in your home.

Like any other furniture or décor in your home, your window blinds may be old and outdated. When this happens, you’ll need to replace them with new, modern window blinds or with something that’s not exactly modern but an updated version.

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Are you wondering what to do with old blinds? Here are several easy ways to upcycle them and put them to great use in your home.

But have you ever considered where you’ll put your old window treatments after you remove them and put in new Roman window blinds? If the answer is to throw them away, then maybe it’s because you haven’t heard of other possibilities. There are a lot of things you can make out of old window blinds. These range from little gift labels to much bigger headboard covers. Depending on the type of material your old window coverings are made of there are a multitude of diy projects you can try to keep old blinds out of the landfill.

So, here’s a tip: there are creative ways you can utilize your old window treatment before tossing them in the trash. This article will show you ten ways you can upcycle window blinds:

What To Do With Old Blinds

Create Plant Makers

If you have a garden, then you have a use for your old bamboo blinds. With a marker of a different color, you can write the name of the plant at one end of the slat. Then you can attach the slat to that plant or use them as garden markers. Doing so avoids confusion about which plant is in which pot, especially if you have many budding ones with still indiscernible differences.

That’ll help you take care of your plants more accurately. Remember that different plants have different needs, such as in treating certain diseases.

As mentioned above, you can use markers to write the name of the plant on the tag. But before writing, you can make art out of your old blinds by painting them different colors for each plant. That’ll make your garden artistic and unique. At the same time, your garden will be as organized as ever. (Note that old wooden window blinds look better as plant markers because they naturally blend with your garden.)

Make Drawer Dividers

If you’re concerned about how things look in your home, you can make something beautiful using old window blinds. You can use old vinyl blinds or aluminum blinds to make a drawer divider. Making a drawer divider using window blinds is as easy as ABC. Here is the step-by-step process for making a perfect drawer divider:

First, you have to dismantle your window blinds. Once this is done, take the strips you’re going to use. After this, you can cut the blinds into the sizes you want. You should note that even one slat can be enough for your drawer unless you want to further seperate and organize it.

Make Gift Tags

Another way you can upcycle your window mini blinds is by making gift tags for packages. One way to make a gift special, whether it be a graduation present or for a wedding, is by customizing part of it. You can customize your gift tags creatively, and you’ll be sure your gift reaches its destination with style.

To create simple and cute gift tags, you can dismantle your window blinds and cut them into the sizes you want. After that, you can file the edges to even and soften them. Then you can add ribbons of your choice that match the masterpiece. Consider utilizing a hole punch to create a hole where you can place your ribbon for decoration. Attach the ribbons to the gift tags, and you’ll be good to go. You can attach them to your gifts before sharing your gifts with your family and friends.

You don’t have to stress about how you can add value to your gifts while you have old window blinds in your home!

Make Bookmarks

You can create bookmarks using old window blinds. To create bookmarks, cut your blind slats into simple strips. You can paint them in any color you want and add a string to enhance the aesthetics. The bookmarks are suitable gifts or small tokens for your friends. You can have fun creating bookmarks with different styles.

Create Picture Frames

There’s this notion that nothing is as important as memories because they stay forever. That being said, you can preserve your memories for a lasting impact by creating picture frames. You can use your old window blinds. If you want something beautiful, wooden window blinds or faux wood blinds might be the best option. However, you can use any type of window blinds available because all you need is your creativity and artistry.

For this project, you may need some paint, repainting the blinds will help redefine the blinds as you add color to them. Making picture frames is not hard at all. All you need to do is cut the slats into the sizes you need. After that, you put the pieces together according to your vision of a sturdy and artful photo frame. This art can be useful for you and your family or as a gift to someone you love.

You Can Use Them To Decorate Your Home

Old blinds can be used to decorate your home. For your house to feel like home, it needs a bit of decorating. To achieve this, first, separate the good slats from the broken ones. Then you need to find some spare time to do an arts and crafts project. For this, a pair of scissors, glue, and some paint will do. Let your imagination and creativity soar.

So, there’s really no tried-and-true method for this. You just need to think about the decorations you want to make or what you’d like to decorate. Use the scissors to cut the slats into desired shapes and the glue to bring the pieces together. Also, you can use paint to make the decorations colorful. What’s interesting about these do-it-yourself decors is that you can be as creative as you want, with no rules to restrict you.

Create A Unique Headboard Cover

Maybe you’re tired of having the same style in your bedroom, and you’ve been dying for a change. Recycling your old roller blinds or roman shades or might just be the answer. You can use them to make a headboard cover. This works well if your blinds are made from linen. Measure your headboard first. After that, you can stitch the linen blinds together and put the entire piece over your headboard. You can use a stapler to make adjustments by stapling the fabric over the headboard so that it fits snug.

Create Something Fun For The Children

If you want to create something fun for your children, then don’t toss away your old window blinds. You can use them to make a road safety game for your kids.

You can create road signs using a pair of scissors to cut the blinds into the shape you want and also use paint to paint them accordingly. After that, you can use a marker to write signs on the road signs portion of the game indicating the cautions. You’ll see how your children will quickly learn about road safety through a road safety game you made for them.

Make A Storage Box

You can upcycle your old window blinds by making a storage box. You can use the slats to create a nice storage box. This can be made using wooden window blinds because of their ability to stay in one shape. You can use glue to put the slats together. After that, you can paint your box with the color of your choice.

Give Them Away As A Donation

Another special way to upcycle your window blinds is by giving them to charity. It is always important to consider if someone may be in need of the very thing you are planning to throw away. If the old blinds are still in decent condition, consider donating them to a local recycling center that specializes in building materials or the salvation army, goodwill or habitat for humanity so someone else can enjoy them as a new window treatment.

If the blinds have seen better days you could donate them to be used for diy projects. Someone may find another purpose for your window blinds that you haven’t thought about! Hence, giving and sharing your old window blinds can be another way you can upcycle them.

What To Do With Old Blinds Conclusion

The topic of upcycling stuff is an interesting one. This is especially true with window blinds, because it takes imagination and creativity to use them in a different way. Doing so can help you save money for some of the stuff you should be buying. And you’ll be making art on your own, which is a very unique and personal journey. Also, it’ll help you extend the love you have for the people around you.

Handmade gifts always hold a special place in people’s hearts because of their uniqueness and your thoughtfulness. I hope this article has given you some ideas of how to upcycle your old window blinds. And following one or more of these tips lets you contribute to the preservation of the environment, even just in small ways.

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Are you wondering what to do with old blinds? Here are several easy ways to upcycle them and put them to great use in your home.

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