Back to School: 9 Different Ways to Do It Frugally and Happily

by MoneyNing

Summer is winding down and the school season has arrived. Whether it’s for new clothes, backpacks or text books, I remember the back to school season as being one where there is a ton of shopping. To boot, no one ever wants to disappoint their children, so this is a time when we can really break our bank without even recognizing it.

If you are stressing about how you can frugally—and happily!—get your kids back to school, read on because I have nine ways to make sure you have a frugal and happy back to school event.

1. Check Out Bargains All Year

Stocking up is always a great way to save money and back to school supplies are no different. Throughout the year, school supplies are constantly sold at a discount. If you spend some time to stock up when things are on sale, all you need to do is bring those supplies out during August, your kids will treat them like new. (Just make sure you hide them from your kids when you buy them.)

2. Dollar Store is Your Friend

I used to detest going to the dollar store but after my wife showed me what a wonderful place it is, I’ve grown to love it. I don’t know how they make money but they just sell everything for less. Sometimes, you can even find name brand merchandise at deep discounts.

3. Do Everything Online

Whether it’s Amazon or eBay, online shopping is becoming an easy and frugal way to shop. Not only can you buy many things for less, it also gets delivered to your door. Nowadays, I always go online to check the price of a particular item before I will ever buy it in a store.

4. Technology Should Not Be That Expensive

Computers have become an essential way for kids to finish their homework. In fact, many schools are encouraging parents to buy a separate computer just for their kids. When faced with the decision to pick the right computer, make sure to consult other parents who are faced with the same situation and the teachers who are teaching the courses. It is important to know the computing power your kids need to finish the school year so you don’t overspend or underspend on this important item.

5. Tax Free Days

Just last weekend, Circuit City had a 2 day tax free weekend where you can buy anything and pay no taxes. If you are going to buy something for back to school, remember to take advantage of these days since taxes is a big portion of every purchase.

6. Shop Late

There are always last minute deals in every type of sale and back to school sales are no different. If you can wait on the items you need to buy, you might just be rewarded.

7. Shop Alone

Kids are amazingly talented at wanting more than you can afford. In order to resist the temptation to satisfy them, shop alone. This way, they won’t be tempted by all the advertising in the stores and your shopping experience will be much more relaxed.

8. Shop Around

Generally sound shopping advice tells us to compare prices. There are always places where something is being sold for less so make sure to check all sources.

9. Second Hand is Not Second Class

Go to garage sales and see if you can pickup something for cheap. Often, someone else’s garbage is another person’s treasure so you just might find something very useful for the school year.

Something else you can do is organize a back to school exchange program. The idea is to list out everything you have and see if other parents can take advantage of what you bought previously. If you can work out a deal where you can trade amongst each other, it’s just a win-win situation.

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