The Best Things to Buy at Dollar Tree That Save You the Most Money

by Simplify

Looking to save money on products you buy regularly? Matt Granite, the content creator behind The Money Guy, is happy to help you do just that. And today, he’s revealing the very best things to buy at The Dollar Tree.

The first product he recommends purchasing there is decorations. Holidays, birthdays, and dinner parties can all be made cheaper by buying decorations at The Dollar Tree instead of the more expensive party stores in your area.

Christmas decorations on a tree

According to Matt, you can save an astonishing 70 percent on tinsel, balloons, table settings, and even greeting cards for your next celebration.

Next, Matt says you should always buy hangers at The Dollar Tree as well. Not only do they come in different shapes and sizes there, but they’re oftentimes the same brands carried at other major retailers in your hometown.

Moving along the shelf, be sure to pick up some organization bins and hooks at The Dollar Tree too. Things like storage caddies, spice racks, wall holders, and other organization products are some of your best buys at The Dollar Tree and can help you save a ton of money on organizing your home.

Matt also recommends putting vases and other glassware on your personal what to buy at The Dollar Tree list. And other things to buy at The Dollar Tree include hair products—like clips, bobby pins, and elastics—and beauty masks.

According to Matt, popular brand-name products are some of the best Dollar Tree items to buy. And this goes for Dove products, lip balms, and pet food products among others. Matt says that these companies negotiate aggressive contracts because Dollar Tree gets so much foot traffic compared to other retailers.

The remaining best items to buy at The Dollar Tree, according to Matt, are bread, cereal, body scrubs, and coffee.

The best things to buy at Dollar Tree

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  • Lori kessell Lori kessell on Oct 20, 2023

    Thanks for the good info. Annoying that $tree is now $1.25 a product, it’s still a bargain. I buy cleaning products , calendars, and chips and candy that I take to the movies.

  • Mary Smith Mary Smith on Nov 28, 2023

    Be careful when buying aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc. Sometimes it’s so thin that you can’t use it. Cleaning products are usually really good buys there, as well as pet treats and craft supplies.