25 Amazing Frugal Hacks That Add Up to Huge Savings

​​Today I will share 25 frugal hacks you can make that will add up to tremendous savings. Frugal living doesn't have to be complicated. If you make small changes, they add up, and you'll save more and waste less in no time.

1. Changing your phone plan to a low-cost carrier

Low-cost phone carriers don't have terrible connections and bad customer service. Nothing will change except your payment. The way that low-cost phone carriers work is that they rent the cell towers of the bigger-named cell phone carrier.

2. Delay grocery shopping

If you usually grocery shop once a week or every two weeks, wait for one to three more days after you think you have nothing to cook. If you can go for a week, it will save you a ton of money.

3. Eat meat less often

Commit to eating meat one to three days less than you already do. Just cutting out meat one day a week will reduce your grocery bill.

4. Create a meal theme

Instead of creating a meal plan for the week, create a meal theme. Assign a new theme every day of the week, and then wrap your meals around that theme.

Monday might be Mexican Monday. Many Mexican meals have the same ingredients. A taco, a quesadilla, and a burrito, all have the same ingredients. That will simplify your shopping list.

5. Shop for insurance

It'll take about 30 minutes, saving you probably five hundred to one thousand dollars yearly. Call other insurance companies to see what deals they can offer you.

Check your subscriptions

6. Check your subscriptions

Use an app like Rocket Money. It'll go through your bank account and find your subscriptions so you can get rid of any wasteful subscriptions.

7. Ensure you have cashback apps 

Make sure you use them all the time. Why not save money on the things that we are buying anyways? 

8. If you want to buy something, wait 24 hours

Do not allow yourself unlimited funds when you're walking into the store. You can reevaluate if something is in the budget at the end of 24 hours. 

9. Stop buying practically free things

If you fill up a reusable bottle of water, it's practically free at your house. Coffee and tea aren't free, but they are significantly less expensive at home. 

10. Delete your credit card from Amazon 

Also, delete the app from your phone. The app makes us waste money all the time because of its convenience. If we take away the convenience of it, it leaves us more time to think about a purchase before. 

11. Change your light bulbs 

Change all your light bulbs to energy-efficient light bulbs. 

12. Know your peak energy hours

Call your energy provider and ask them what the off-peak hours are to run major appliances. 

13. Create a plan for wants

Write down everything you want, and then make a plan. This is just another way to set money goals. Instead of spending money on little silly things, have a clear money vision of what you want to spend.

14. Use cash instead of a credit or debit card

It's been proven that when you use cash, it hits a pain point in your brain, unlike when you use a credit or debit card. 

15. Utilize your library

Our local library has tools you can rent, a 3d printer, and even free passes to local museums. 

16. Follow a budget

Have a budget; you must know precisely what happens in and out of your bank account. 

17. Give yourself time to adjust 

It can take a few months to get used to budgeting. It took me about three or four months to get my budget balanced. Be patient if you have never budgeted before. 

18. Negotiate your bills

Almost 90% of all bills are negotiable. Ask if you can get a better deal if you pay cash or pay for a longer period upfront. 

19. Cancel memberships

If you have not used that gym membership or any other membership in over three months, you won't use it for the next three months. You can restart that membership anytime, but in the meantime, you are just wasting Money if you aren't using it.

20. Sell things

Look around the room you're in right now and think of all the things you could sell, then go room to room and do the same. You will be amazed at the amount of stuff you can sell and the things you probably wasted money on.

21. Unsubscribe from sales emails

Go into your email list and unsubscribe from everything and everyone trying to sell you something. 

Filter ads

22. Filter ads

If you are on any social media app and an ad pops up, there is a spot where you can click on it and say the ad is not relevant to you. You will stop seeing so many ads selling you things, and then this will limit your impulse to buy.

Frugal hacks

23. Use Acorn to save

Use Acorn to automate savings. The more you can automate with your money, the better. Acorn is entirely free to use.

24. Sign up for a no-buy challenge

You can do a no-buy challenge for a week, a month, or whatever you think is challenging. When you do a no-buy challenge, it doesn't mean you don't buy anything. It means not buying anything above and beyond your four walls. 

25. Use the onion system

Go to the outside of your house, and write down everything on the outside of your house that is costing you money. Write how you will save money on that specific item. Do the same for everything you spend money on inside your house. Inside are your utilities, your electricity, etc. Outside is maintenance and upkeep.

Frugal hacks

Try changing a few habits at a time, so you aren't overwhelmed. Do you have additional frugal hacks to save money? Share in the comments below. 

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