How to Use Savings Challenge Cards to Save More Money

Jordan Budgets
by Jordan Budgets

Today we are talking about the new bundle of 24 printable savings challenge cards. The printable money-saving challenge cards I'm using are available in my Etsy shop; they are $11.99 for all 24 cards in the bundle.

If you are new to savings challenges and the whole cash thing, I will discuss each card individually and how you can use it. You put the cash with the card in an envelope so it all stays together. It's easy to organize and a fun way to save for different goals.

For every challenge card, you will color something in to track your progress.

Penny challenge

1. Penny challenge

Starting, we have the penny challenge. We have 52 weeks here. For standard penny challenges, on day one of the year, you save a penny. On day two, you save two pennies, and so on. 

Instead of doing a penny for every day of the year, I totaled it into weeks. On week one, you would save $0.28; on week two, you would save $0.77; by the end of the year, you will be adding $28.92 for a total of about $700. 

2. Summer camps challenge

I'm going to be using this for day camps. 

Tattoos savings challenge

3. Tattoos savings challenge

On this design, you have a background; as you add money, you get to darken and color in and design the background how you want it. 

You have exact amounts to add to some challenges, like the penny challenge. This one, you can decide how much each section is worth.

4. Insurance savings 

There are many different needs, whether health insurance, house insurance, or life insurance. I left this one vague purposely so that you can use it however you need it. 

5. Your age savings challenge

Every time you add an amount equal to your age, you get to color in a spot.

Rainy day challenge

6. Rainy day challenge

Every time it rains, you add money. You color in a little raindrop. 

7. Plant savings challenge card

If you're saving for summer yard work or want some house plants, you can color in one of your little plants whenever you add money. 

8. Happy birthday challenge

You get to color in some of the print as you add money. If you want to save for specific people, you can print this one out ten times and write each person's name on it. 

Bills savings challenge card

9. Bills savings challenge card

I put fewer icons to color in and fill out because if you're saving for bills, you'll be using this every month. Every bill might equal $150. There are many more spots because you're probably saving for things throughout the quarter or the year. 

10. Scouts challenge

This is for expenses if you have Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or are involved in another scouting troop,

11. Tuition savings challenge 

You get to determine how much the tuition is, whether you're paying off past tuition bills or saving up for your kid's or your college tuition.

Activities savings

12. Activities savings

Be it sports, dance, drama club, or any activities we save for our kids; you can color in the background a lot like the tattoo card.

13-14. $500 pink or blue cash savings challenge cards

Each little spot has a different amount—$ 5, $10, 15, and up. $40 is the cap, and only three of those spots exist. If you want to save $500, you get to write your category; then, you color in everything else as you add it. The cards are the same, just different prints.

$250 cash savings challenge card

15. $250 cash savings challenge card

This is also a cash challenge but as a $250 denomination. Every spot is worth $10. 

16. 100-envelope savings challenge

Label 100 envelopes from one to 100. On day one, put $1 in envelope 1. On day 2, put $2 in envelope 2. Continue this way until day 100, when your final savings deposit of $100 will bring you to a grand total of $5,050. Color in an envelope each time you put cash into one of the envelopes.

$5,050 savings challenge

17. $5,050 savings challenge

If you'd like to save $5,050 but don’t like the 100 Envelope Savings Challenge method, use this instead. There are denominations of 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, and 150; then, it goes back down again to 25 on the other side. The total is equal to $5,050 when everything is colored in.

18. Toys savings challenge

This one's for you if you are saving for toys for your kids or grandkids.

19. Haircuts savings challenge card

Haircuts are a recurring purchase, so this helps you be prepared. You write how much you want each comb to be equal.

20. Graduations savings challenge 

If you're saving for your kids' high school graduation, college graduation, preschool graduation, or some other type of graduation, you get to color in one of the little gray caps as you add cash. 

Dream big savings challenge card

21. Dream big savings challenge card 

This is for if you are saving to start a business, saving to start your dream hobby, or some other dream of yours. The purpose is to save for something that you have been dreaming about, something that you have been wanting to do.

22. Dentist savings challenge 

A lot of us self-pay for dental visits. Like many others, you can determine how much each little icon is worth as you add the money and color it in. 

23. Car maintenance savings challenge

This keeps you from being unprepared for regular maintenance or an unexpected repair. You can decide how much each icon is worth and color it in. 

Black Friday savings challenge card

24. Black Friday savings challenge card

The final card is Black Friday. Many of us don't save for many holidays, but we do save for Black Friday. Color in the shopping bags as you add money.

How to use savings challenge cards

I hope these savings challenge printable cards to help you achieve your budgeting goals. Do you use savings challenges regularly? Comment below with the challenges you work towards as you budget your money. 

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