10 Things I Don't Buy to Save a Ton of Money

Shireen Fitzgerald
by Shireen Fitzgerald

Hi everyone, today I thought I would share 10 things I don’t buy any more for all of you who like being frugal or love minimalism. I’m hoping these will help you think about the things that you don't want to buy either.

My goal is to show you that there are different ways to get by without spending on unnecessary items. So, let’s get into the list of things I don’t buy as a minimalist.

1. Magazines

Years ago, I used to buy magazines all the time, and I have no idea why I was doing it. They used to cost about $10 which is a significant price. It is very rare that you would not be able to find the inspiration you get from these magazines online. Eliminating this purchase has saved me a lot of money and I don’t have them cluttering my space.

2. Sale items

It is very tempting to buy items on sale. Those 2 for the price of ones really get you thinking that it is a more affordable option than just buying a single product. Depending on what you are buying, a sale item might not be the best choice.

When going past the shop be mindful of why you went there in the first place. We are bombarded with various sales that get our minds wondering, trying to convince us that it is in our best interest to purchase these items.

But if you went to the shop with the intent of buying 3 items that you need and leave with an extra 10, it’s not really a great deal as you have overspent unnecessarily. The sale might be amazing if what they are offering is an essential item you need but if it was just a good deal that you bought into then you have lost out.

Things I don't buy anymore

3. Air fresheners

Air fresheners are something I haven't bought in years. I don't believe in buying things for every little thing that happens in your house. If you find there is a lingering smell in your home then there are many other ways to eliminate it; light a match, spray some deodorant, or open your doors wide.

These are all perfect ways to eliminate the smell without spending money on an air freshener.

4. Credit

I most definitely will not buy credit anymore. I do not take out personal loans or home loans as I do not want to be paying anyone for giving me credit.

A home loan would be great because I would love to own my own house, but my goal is to work really hard to pay for a house in cash and not have to be tied down to owing money to the bank and meeting their requirements and following their restrictions.

5. Bank fees

Now the other one that I don't want to have, is bank fees. Any type of account where you are charged fees is something I will not buy into. I refuse to pay it because there are so many other options even for business accounts.

Things I don't buy as a minimalist

6. Kitchen gadgets

Single-use kitchen gadgets are not something I buy. They might seem convenient but only end up taking up space and wasting your money.

If you think about it, do you really need separate slicers for apples or avocados? A knife does the same job and serves a variety of purposes. When you are trying to save money and live a minimalist lifestyle, there is no room for kitchen gadgets!

7. Premade sauces

Premade sauce never tastes as good as just doing it yourself. Often they sit in the cupboard never coming out because it just isn’t the real thing.

Fresh ingredients, herbs, and spices stretch your money a lot more and add so much more flavor. Make your meals fresh, you will enjoy them more and your body and wallet will thank you.

8. Coffee syrups

I used to love flavored coffee not just from the coffee shop but even at home. I would go out and buy the syrups and add them to my coffee. It was my favorite.

Over time I realized how expensive this was actually becoming and I really did not need it. So, coffee syrups is something I haven’t bought for ages and will not buy again.

Things I don't buy

9. Useless gifts

I am not one to buy gifts, I prefer to treat the person with an experience or something that will help them in their home. Anything that is useless will not be something I gift someone. I most definitely do not want anyone to give me trinkets and items that collect dust or that I would not buy for myself, so why would I gift it to someone else?

10. Extended warranties

Sometimes you're in the store and it just feels like you've been getting sold at the whole time.

And when the extended warranty conversation comes up, you think maybe I'm meant to take it because if the item breaks, it's going to cost me a lot more money. But I'm never going to buy another one. I've never had to use an extended warranty, so the money I paid for them was a waste.

Things I don't buy to save a ton a money

Those are my 10 things I don’t buy. I will definitely be adding more to this list so check back for my next post. It would be great to hear from everyone in the comments section about what you feel you do not need to buy anymore. I hope you save a ton of money!

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