15 Things I Don't Buy: How to Have a Frugal, No-Buy Year

Shireen Fitzgerald
by Shireen Fitzgerald

Hello, Shireen here, and I'm back again to talk about things I don’t buy. I am doing a no-buy low-buy year. I think it's really good to reset habits and detox from spending.

I thought today I would go through 15 things that are part of my no-buy rules this year.

I have a budget as well for the amount of money that I want to spend this year. Because I have a goal to save a certain amount, that becomes part of my no-buy rule.

1. Jewelry

The first thing will be jewelry. I don't wear much of it and I decluttered down to two pairs of earrings. I would like a gold necklace at some point, but I'd rather have the money in the bank than a necklace.

2. Luxury facial treatments

I also won't be doing facials or any cosmetic thing like fake eyelashes or dyeing my eyelashes, dyeing my eyebrows, or anything else that comes with a facial. I’m not doing those, and I will be saving that money instead.

3. Manicures or pedicures

The third thing I'm not going to be doing is manicures or pedicures. I keep my fingernails short and I don't do nail polish. I don't do nail polish because I can't be bothered dealing with it and I prefer buffing my nails more than putting polish on them. I would just like a clean, no-fuss look.

4. Hair color

My hair is gray. I decided a year and a half ago to let it all grow out and then I just cut it super short to stop having to dye my hair. It also means that I last cut my hair about six months ago. I don't even have to think about my hair.

Things I don't buy for a no-buy year

5. Technology

Another thing is technology. To do YouTube, I have a laptop computer screen. I had this phone that I video on and I have an iPad. I won't be buying any technology if anything breaks, like my phone, I am going to go without the phone and I am going to use my iPad for video.

6. Diet foods

This year I'm detoxing my body and my diet. So what I mean by that is I am going to try to eat as healthily as possible. I’ll choose regular foods, not cleansing supplements or protein powder. I like smoothies but I won't do protein powder. I am not going to pop pills unless it's iron tablets.

7. Cloud storage

Another thing I'm getting away from. I currently spend $1.49 on my cloud storage, and I don't need to do that. I do have a portable hard drive, so I'm going to transfer all my things onto that, and that way I can get rid of the iCloud.

8. Makeup

I would rather be just fresh-faced. I like a good face cream because it just feels fresh and lovely, but I don't need to have makeup, and I would just rather not have to bother with it.

Things I don't buy as a minimalist

9. Home decor

At one point I thought I'd like to be a stylist for houses so I accumulated a lot of decor. This year is a no-decor year and I don't need any decor, and if I add any more then it's cluttered.

10. Alcohol

I haven't had any alcohol this last year, so I guess it's pretty easy not to buy it until next year. I'm going to commit to not having any alcohol in the house.

11. Cleaning supplies

Another thing is cleaning supplies. I have a couple of cleaning supplies. I have some shower cleaner and some bleach. I've only got about three things to clean the house and that's all I need. I have those microfiber cloths that are good at just cleaning anything. I use them in the sink. I use other things to polish stainless steel.

12. Kitchen gadgets

I was thinking that no kitchen gadgets are a good idea. I have a spatula that would be used for stirring things in a saucepan or a frying pan. I don't need anything else.

It means less washing up as well because you're not using multiple things and it just makes you feel a little bit more mindful about how much stuff you bring into the house.

Things I don't buy

13. Some clothing

I'm not going to buy silk clothing anymore. I find that I don't like the feel of it on my body. I like wearing cotton shirts and cotton pants. It just is more comfortable.

With some of the silks, you do need to have them pressed or steamed or whatever. I don't want to buy a steamer to do that.

14. Handbags

At the moment, I have three bags. That might seem like a lot when I'm a minimalist and I'm trying to declutter, but one's a backpack, the other one is a crossbody bag and the third one is just a small bag that if I'm going wherever quickly, I can just grab. I've had multiple, multiple bags and they just don't get used.

15. Anything not in my budget

The 15th thing is, I'm going to have a budget, so I'm not going to go over the budget. I won't buy anything that is above my specific budget. I have a set amount that I want to save this year, and that is my primary goal.

If I have something that I want to buy, and it's not on my no-buy list, if it doesn't fit within the budget then I can't afford it.

Things I don't buy

You don't need to do a no-buy year, you could just do it for one month. You could do it for three months or six months. Just getting started with one month could make you feel like you want to keep going with that.

Have you stopped buying anything as part of a no-buy year? Share your no-buy lists in the comments!

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  • Ellen Beener Ellen Beener on Nov 18, 2022

    I no longer buy magazines or news papers...they are all on line anyway and on the radio and TV.

    I no longer go to movies same reason.

    I no longer buy books I go to the library and borrow books. I return them when I have rad them.

    I use baking soda for cleaning a lot of things.

    If I really need something for my house I go to the thrift stores.