Everything You Need to Know About Walgreens Register Rewards

Let’s talk about Walgreens Register Rewards. I’m going to go over what they are, as well as how and when you can use them. We’ll discuss rules around using Register Rewards with coupons and Walgreens cash. I’m also going to take this opportunity to answer some commonly asked questions.

What is a Walgreens Register Reward?

A Walgreens Register Reward is a type of coupon. It has a barcode that you scan at the register when you check out.

On top, it’ll say if it’s a manufacturer or store coupon. For the most part, you're going to see manufacturer coupons. You’ll also see an expiration date and the value of the coupon.

At the bottom, it will tell you which manufacturer issued that coupon. Colgate and Procter & Gamble are two big companies that will offer Register Rewards quite a bit.

Walgreens Register Reward

How do I get Register Rewards?

You get Register Rewards by purchasing items that generate Register Rewards. Those items will be different each week.

You can look at the Walgreens ad, which you can find online at Walgreens.com to see which items generate rewards. You can also look at the Walgreens digital app.

How to use Register Rewards

Let’s use a real example to help us understand how this works. Colgate toothpaste was on sale last week. The deal was, buy two, get a five-dollar Register Reward.

When you pay, the Register Reward will print and handed to you with your receipt. They print from a machine called a Catalina machine which you’ll see near the register.

Example of Walgreens Register Rewards

What if the Catalina machine doesn't print?

There are several things you can do if the Register Rewards do not print. First, make sure the Catalina machine is working. Maybe it's out of paper. If the machine is working, check to make sure you’re purchasing the right product.

If you have the correct product and the machine is working properly, talk to the manager. They may just tell you to contact the Catalina company. I have never done that because I find it to be a hassle.

You might get lucky and find a manager who will give you the value of the Register Reward in Walgreens cash. They don't have to do that. It’s a courtesy, but that has happened to me in the past.

There are certain items you can’t purchase with Register Rewards. They are listed at the bottom of the coupon. It’s usually items like alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, prescriptions, and dairy.

Can you pay with Walgreens cash and still get a register award?

Yes, you can. Let’s say there is a deal on toothpastes to buy two and get a five-dollar Register Reward. If the toothpaste costs $2.50 each you could pay with $5 Walgreens cash and get a $5 Register Reward back.

You can also get Register Rewards for items purchased with coupons. Say you have two tubes of toothpaste for $2.50 each, and you have two $1 paper coupons. You can use both coupons, one for each item, and still get your Register Reward. The same rules apply for digital coupons.

Can I use the $5 Register Reward issued by one company to pay for more items from the same brand and get $5 back in Register Rewards?

No. If you get a $5 Register Reward from Colgate you don't want to use that Register Reward to pay for other Colgate products because you won't get back $5 in Register Rewards. Instead, use Register Rewards from a different company.

For example, if I got a $5 Register Reward from Oral B, I could use that Register Reward to pay for Colgate products and still get a $5 Register Reward back. This is because they are two different manufacturers with two different deals.

Is there a limit to how many times I can use the same Register Reward deal?

No and yes. There's no limit to how many times you can use the same deal, but you can only get the deal once per transaction.

If I bought four toothpastes in one transaction, only one $5 Register Reward will print. What I can do is buy two toothpastes, pay, get the $5 Register Reward, put it in my car, then go back in and buy two more. That way I can get the $5 Register Reward for all four toothpastes.

There are stores that have specific restrictions, but for the most part, there is no limit for separate transactions.

Multiple items that generate $5 Register Rewards

An ad came out recently for multiple items that generate $5 Register Rewards when you buy three products. If you buy six products in one transaction, you're only going to get one $5 Register Reward.

To get two $5 Register Rewards for 6 items, buy three products, get the $5 Register Reward, and then buy the remaining 3 in a separate transaction.

If you also have coupons, there's no limit to how many Register Rewards you can use if you have at least as many items as coupons. You may have heard of filler items.

This is when someone buys something inexpensive, so they have enough items to use coupons and Register Rewards. The downside to this is the register does not know which product to attach the Register Reward to.

The Register Reward is going to apply to whatever item it wants. Oftentimes the register will attach Register Rewards from a company to an item from the same company and you’ll only get to use the coupon for that item.

The simplest way around this is to use your Register Rewards on something that you don't already have a coupon for. That way you can use a Register Reward without any issues.

Can I use Register Rewards for online and curbside deals?

The answer is no, you cannot. Register Rewards can only be used for in-store purchases, not for online or curbside orders.

Walgreens Register Rewards explained

I hope this helped clarify any questions you had about Register Rewards. If you still have questions, please write them down in the comments. I am happy to answer them there. Thanks so much.

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  • Jay Jay on Nov 26, 2022

    Over the years you have made it more difficult for people to shop at your stores. #1 you no longer have a weekly ad which a lot of people relied on.#2 you make it too hard and complicated for people to understand the savings system. Do you not realize that the people who need to save the most are the ones most affected. Not everyone has a computer or the latest cell phone with all the apps. Recently after making a purchase, I overheard the cashier laugh and make rude remarks to the next customer about customers like me who are elderly. I will not be back and will let all my friends be aware of this.

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    • Nancy Nancy on Dec 12, 2022

      wow, that's not surprising because they're "rewards system" is designed to be predatory and take advantage of people with limited income, computer savvy and mobility. So, shame on them.