5 Unbeatable Deals From Your Local Costco

by Simplify

Saving money is a top priority for Simplify readers, which is why most of us are probably familiar with Costco. This American warehouse club offers a wide variety of products at competitive prices, and many of them at amazing value.

However, Costco branches are usually huge and, frankly, can be overwhelming. Some of us love going shopping at big, busy places, but what if you want to make your trip to Costco as short as possible without missing out on some of the best deals?

We compiled this list with some of the best value-for-money products at Costco. This way, you can start saving more money without having to compromise on quality (or your stress levels!).

Costco store

The Best Price/Value Products at Costco:

1. Over-the-counter medicine

Costco offers a variety of over-the-counter medicine options at lower prices than other retailers.

For instance, a 400-count bottle of their Kirkland Signature ibuprofen (the equivalent of Advil) is priced at $9.49, while an incredible total of 1000 Kirkland Signature Extra Strength acetaminophen tablets (the painkiller known as Tylenol) is only $9.99.

2. Eye exams and eyeglasses

Costco's optical department provides affordable eye exams and a wide variety of eyeglasses at unbeatable prices. For example, an eye exam costs only $70, while a pair of designer frames with prescription lenses can be purchased for as low as $130.

3. Clothes

A 2-pack of Kirkland Signature men's crew neck t-shirts costs less than 10 dollars. You can also pick up a 3-pack of women’s short-sleeved T-shirts for $13.99 (also in plus sizes). Perfect for spring weather!

Women's basic t-shirts. Courtesy of Costco.com.

4. Electronics

Electronics are notoriously expensive purchases. Maybe you’ve been looking to replace your old TV set but didn’t think you could afford one. However, you can get a brand-new Smart TV at Costco for $119.99. 

Hisense 32" Class - A45GV Series - 720p LED LCD TV. Courtesy of Costco.com.

5. Organic food

Costco offers a broad selection of organic food at prices that are often lower than other grocery stores. For instance, a 5-pound bag of organic quinoa is priced at $14.99, while a multi-pack of organic chicken broth (32 fl oz per carton!) is only $13.79.

Kirkland Signature Organic Chicken Stock, 32 fl oz, 6-count. Courtesy of Costco.com.

Let us know whether these product recs were helpful and any other of your favorite Costco deals in the comments! Happy saving! 

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