The Top Aldi Shopping Tips to Save You Time & Money

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If you shop at Aldi, do not miss Lauren Cobello’s Aldi shopping tips that will help you save money and time in your grocery shopping. She shares the best Aldi buys, explains the tags, and gives advice on cashback apps.

According to Lauren, Aldi’s dairy prices are the best deal you can find. Another category to go on your Aldi shopping list is baking items: flour, sugar, spices, and salt. All those are very inexpensive and of great quality at Aldi.

Basic items like water bottles and toilet paper are also great buys at Aldi. The Never Any! meat line is free from antibiotics and additives, and LiveGFree has some amazing gluten-free products.

Lauren says Aldi’s got a bad rep for the meat, but her experience with Aldi meats has been great, and she shops here every week. The prices are lower than most other places, and look out for red stickers to get an even better deal.

One of the most important Aldi tips and tricks is understanding the labels. New items are labeled, and products that are close to their expiration date are marked with red clearance stickers.

Aldi shopping tips

“Red Hot Special” are items on clearance that they expect to sell out soon. Seasonal items do not stay in the store for long, so grab what you want. There are also $2 off coupons on various products, so look out for those.

Moreover, Aldi collects reviews and labels the most popular and well-loved items as “winner”, so you can know those are successful.

Finally, Lauren shares some more Aldi tricks, including useful apps that will help you save money. With Fetch Rewards, you can accumulate points and turn them into gift cards.

Other apps she talks about are Ibotta, Checkout 51, and Receipt Hog. Moreover, if you have a tendency for impulse shopping, she recommends using Instacart for your Aldi shopping.

Aldi shopping tips

Have these tips been useful for you? What do you usually go for at Aldi? Feel free to share in the comments!

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To see more videos, check out the Lauren Cobello YouTube channel.

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  • Wendy Wendy 3 days ago

    I could do without your going on and on naming the fruits and vegetables as you see them. How about get to telling us what special tips we should know to shop at ALDI's? It's a grocery store. We know they sell various fruits and vegetables!

  • Kathy S Kathy S 2 days ago

    I love hearing about Aldi and do appreciate your video, but it made me too dizzy and I had to stop watching after 2 mins.