The 13 Best Dollar Tree Finds That Beat Amazon

by Simplify

Would you be surprised to find out that some of the best Dollar Tree finds are those that beat Amazon’s deals hands down no matter what day of the week it is?

Kathryn from Do It On A Dime swears by 13 different items sold at both Dollar Tree and Amazon that are just as high-quality at each retailer but are far more affordable in-store at Dollar Tree.

The first of the Dollar Tree hacks viewers shared with her recently is to pick up a mop head and handle, microfiber cloth, and glass cleaner from Dollar Tree and make your own Swiffer-like product that can be used to clean glass and mirror surfaces.

This works especially well when you’re standing on the ground and reaching up to higher surfaces that need to be cleaned without any need for getting on a ladder.

Other Dollar Tree secrets viewers have mentioned lately include buying a broom base and handle along with Brillo dish spray to scrub your tub as well as picking up an oval applicator and Wash & Wax cleaner to coat your glass shower doors and minimize future water spots.

Shopping aisle

Next, Kathryn says her viewers love to use Dollar Tree cutting boards or spatulas as bed-making tucking tools. It’s also smart to use a hooked hanger located in the laundry section to organize all of your tank tops.

Looking for more great ideas? Another viewer sent Kathryn the following advice: take plastic bins with snap-close lids and organize a variety of different items like dice, crayons, Bandaids, decks of cards, and poker chips to name a few.

But the best Dollar Tree finds also include buying regular white bread, butter, and sprinkles to make fairy bread—a sweet Australian snack—or a baby bottle brush and Brillo dish spray to get pesky smells out of your sink, garbage disposal, and dishwasher.

The best Dollar Tree finds

For more Dollar Tree finds, discover this organizational Dollar Tree haul or these Dollar Tree cleaning hacks.

To see more videos, check out the Do It On A Dime YouTube channel.

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  • CAROL CARI CAROL CARI on Sep 11, 2023

    I always buy my dogs poop bags there, never had a problem. $1.25 for 60 . Unless you want to go to PetSmart and spend $7.98 for 120 . Your choice

  • Bill Gilbert Bill Gilbert on Sep 22, 2023

    on the plug for Dollar Tree; the last I checked their bleach was smaller than 1 gallon it worked well, but for less than 2.00 a gallon at our local IGA / Super Saver, it's a no brainer who is cheaper on bleach-Always Save house brand, IGA. On IGA, it will vary on price in different location. shop wisely and you can save at any dollar store. or sometimes your favorite local store. compare when you are shoping there anyway