The 10 Best Things to Buy at Aldi in 2023

by Simplify

Aldi fans rejoice! There are so many incredible deals to be found at a store near you in 2023. And Christine, the Frugal Fit Mom herself, is discovering all the best things to buy at Aldi this year and passing those secrets on to you.

Wondering what to buy at Aldi during your next trip? Christine says to be sure to pick up a 16-inch pizza for $7, a bag of bagels for only $1.89 a package, and some multigrain flatbreads which are currently priced at $1.69 on sale.

Other Aldi best buys this month include Clancy brand chips, snack foods, produce, and eggs. Each of these items is high-quality and at a much more affordable price than you’d find elsewhere. So too are the Blue Bell ice cream containers in a variety of different flavors, Athleisure tunic pullovers, leggings, and a 30 lb kettlebell set for only $15.

But that’s not all. Christine says to grab a massage gun for $29, a stoneware baking dish for $15, serving trays for $12, and a porcelain serving bowl with a lid and matching oil and vinegar bottle set for only $18 next time you’re there.

The best things to buy at Aldi

Some of her other favorite finds in March are grill pans for $18, a set of two stoneware plates for $2.50, an immersion blender for $24, and wood and silicone kitchen utensils for $10.

At this point, the real question becomes, what not to buy at Aldi? And honestly, the only right answer to that is anything that is currently on sale for cheaper elsewhere—although, finding a better deal like that can be a challenge.

The best things to buy at Aldi

As Christine says, Aldi is an amazing store and any Aldi haul is sure to add up to some pretty impressive savings. When it comes down to it, the best things to buy at Aldi are the products you love at their everyday low prices.

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