Fun & Easy Hacks For Dollar Tree Napkin Holders

by Simplify

Today, we're going to discuss the often-overlooked napkin holder from Dollar Tree and explore its versatility beyond holding napkins. Here, Kallie Branciforte of But First, Coffee shares the numerous ways she utilizes this product.

Firstly, let's consider using the napkin holder in its original form, without any alterations. Although it is designed for napkins, Kallie has found other practical uses for it.

For instance, it works great as a file sorter. You can store bills, and paperwork, and sort through mail conveniently. Additionally, it can serve as a stand for books, making it a useful addition to your kitchen countertop for holding cookbooks or keeping pages open while following a recipe.

Moreover, the napkin holder can be repurposed for organizing electronic devices such as laptops, iPads, and cell phones. Storing them vertically while charging saves space. You can even combine multiple napkin holders using Dollar Tree zip ties to create a larger file sorter or storage unit, enabling you to categorize and store more items effectively.

To add a touch of creativity, you can enhance the appearance of the napkin holder. For example, using Dollar Tree yarn, you can individually wrap the front bars or even the entire holder, creating attractive patterns or adding a splash of color. This simple makeover elevates its aesthetic and makes it more suitable for displaying and organizing items on your desk or countertop.

Additionally, you can hang the napkin holder on a wall using Command hooks or picture hangers. This allows you to showcase books, store notebooks, or even hang jewelry and scarves. The versatility of the napkin holder as a wall organizer opens up endless possibilities for storage and display.

Napkin holder

Another ingenious use for the napkin holder is to repurpose it as a paint holder. By connecting two holders together, you can create a circular shape that snugly holds mini paint bottles, such as small acrylic bottles or nail polish. This clever hack keeps your paint collection neatly organized and easily accessible.

Furthermore, the napkin holder can be transformed into shelves by attaching them to wooden blocks. Adding decorative contact paper or leaving the wood natural gives it a stylish look. These DIY shelves are ideal for displaying makeup, toiletries, or organizing items in your pantry or desk area.

In conclusion, the Dollar Tree napkin holder offers a wealth of possibilities beyond its intended purpose. Whether you use it as a file sorter, bookstand, or electronic device organizer, or explore creative options like wrapping it in yarn or repurposing it as shelves, this versatile item proves to be an excellent addition to your organizational toolkit.

With a little imagination, you can unlock its potential to enhance your storage and display solutions inexpensively and creatively.

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  • Karen Karen on Jan 29, 2024

    Love your ideas, especially the one that holds k cups.


  • Darlene Darlene on Jan 29, 2024

    I use one in my cabinet to store the lids for plastic containers and another one to store my coffee filters.