Discover These Hidden Gems at the Dollar Tree For 2023

by Simplify

Think you’ve already seen everything worthwhile at Dollar Tree this year? Think again! Kallie Branciforte is back, and she’s showing off the hidden gems at Dollar Tree in 2023. You wouldn’t want to miss that.

Believe it or not, some of the best things to buy at Dollar Tree are items you haven’t even noticed yet. These Dollar Tree best buys are often seasonal, flying off the store shelves in droves, or even hidden in plain sight—but you simply haven’t thought of how to use them in your home just yet.

The first product Kallie points out as one of Dollar Tree hidden gems this year is Clean Life multi-purpose cleaning cloths. She says these 12 x 12 cloths can be used wet or dry, are highly absorbent, and they can also be thrown in with your laundry, which is super convenient for busy families.

Once you grab a pack of those, you’ll want to buy an Optimus felt tip pen next. No matter how particular you are about pens in general, Kallie is confident you’ll be satisfied with these. In fact, she says they make the perfect dupes for Sharpie brand pens.

Hidden gems at the Dollar Tree

Kallie also swears by the frozen fruit at Dollar Tree. Even though their packages are quite small, the price per ounce is very competitive. So grab a few bags, make a vitamin-packed smoothie, and get a nutritious breakfast today.

The next best buys at Dollar Tree are magnetic pickup wands, magnetic refrigerator clips, and square-shaped wire nets. All of these products are more affordable than you’d see at competing retailers, they’re versatile, and they’re also high-quality.

Hidden gems at the Dollar Tree

With so many other hidden gems at the Dollar Tree this year, like plastic document folders, self-laminating sheets, eyeglass kits, window cleaner, and suction cup hooks, follow Kallie before your next shopping trip.

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