10 Things I Don't Plan to Buy in 2023

Amelia Rose Talks.
by Amelia Rose Talks.

Since I looked over my spending habits, there are things I don’t buy anymore. I decided I am going to have an anti-haul year this year. There are still some things I will be buying, but just fewer of them.

However, I am going to focus on things not to buy in 2023 so I can save more money to reach my financial goals. Here are 10 things I don’t buy anymore:

Buying new perfumes

1. Perfumes

I love perfume but won’t buy one in 2023. I have a drawer full of unopened perfumes! Some were holiday gifts, I have boxes of my favorite perfumes I bought so that I’d have them as soon as I ran out, so I don’t need to be buying any more perfume!

I am one of those people who are attracted to the pretty boxes, the displays in the stores, and there’s something that’s irresistible about a perfume department where I can’t walk through one without buying something. I am going to use what I have in 2023.

Buying fresh flowers

2. Fresh flowers

I love fresh flowers. But I buy them and then I kid myself that I’m one of those people who have fresh flower displays that look like they’ve been set out by the florist with clean water and amazing fragrance, and they’ll last forever.

I would love to be that person, but I’m not. I can’t keep them alive. I can’t keep plants alive. I’m not the type that maintains plants or flowers. I forget about them! The water goes funky, the leaves drop off, and they die. It’s a waste of money for me.

If you do buy fresh flowers and they look lovely in your home, well, I’m just very jealous! What I do have that works for me is Rose Forever (pictured above), but they are preserved roses, and it works for me. They last for a year, which is perfect for me.

Buying new books

3. Books

I’m not buying new books. I read a huge amount of books, like a book a week. But I’m not going to buy any more books this year because I have so many I haven’t read!

I still struggle to walk past a bookstore and not go in and buy something. It’s a passion of mine. I would keep buying more and more books and never get around to reading them. I need to read the books that I have! I have more than enough to get me through 2023.

4. Luxury skincare

I have been through the mill with my skin. I have a pretty decent skincare routine now that works for me. I need to stop getting distracted by the pretty packaging of luxury designer Dior, Chanel, or whatever has new skincare.

When I mess with my skincare, my skin breaks out. I need to stick with Dermologica, which works for me. The packages I’m attracted to are not professional skincare products and I have to stay away from them. 

5. Lipsticks

I have so many unopened. I have been gifted lipsticks that are sitting unopened. I’m distracted by the pretty packaging once again. Those little tubs of Hermes and Gucci lipsticks look really, really cool, but I don’t need them! I stick to the same couple of colors anyhow, so I don’t need to try any new colors.

Agenda covers

6. Agenda covers

I only need one! I have a Louis Vuitton cover that I love. I use it every year. I’m old-school and very analog so I do need to continue writing things down.

This is my main agenda. I have another one from Amazon, which is my spare agenda. I have two so the main one doesn’t get too big and bulky. So every quarter I will put my main agenda pages into my spare agenda to make it less heavy and bulky. I don’t need any more! I’m distracted by the pretty colors of new agendas.

7. Coffee table books

Again, I have a ton of coffee table books. They are also great gifts for people who love luxury items. But I have them in my living room and on my hallway console table. I even have spare coffee table books stored away!

Bath bombs

8. Bath bombs

They are pretty and colorful. I have a glass bowl with a pretty display of bath bombs. I have spares on the shelf and in another bathroom. Every time it’s my birthday or holiday, I am gifted bath bombs because everyone knows I love them. I don’t need to buy my own!

Louis Vuitton agenda inserts

9. Louis Vuitton agenda inserts

LV agenda inserts are quite expensive. I write quite a lot in my agenda. The packages of LV agenda inserts do not last very long for me. I get distracted by pretty stickers that come with the LV agenda inserts! I don’t need them. I use more generic inserts like the ones above, which are more affordable.

Things I don't plan to buy in 2023

10. SLGs

SLGs are small leather goods. They are pouches, toiletry holders, coin purses, card holders, and mini purses. I have enough! I hope I don’t have to come back to eat my words on this one! But I’ve been quite restrained and am staying off certain websites to help me.

Things I don't plan to buy in 2023

I’m on a real push this year to see how much money I can save by not buying things like these 10 items. It’s not like I’ll be deprived if I don’t buy these items since I have so many already.

I want to put the money I stop wasting into my financial priorities or onto my mortgage. What about you–what items have you decided not to buy in 2023? Share in the comments below.

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