Walmart Shopping Secrets That Will Save You a Ton of Money

by Simplify

Do you often go shopping at Walmart? Kathryn from Do It On A Dime YouTube Channel is sharing her best Walmart shopping secrets that will help you save a ton of money. All three of these Walmart shopping hacks involve using the Walmart app, which is completely free.

Walmart shopping secrets

Big Ticket Items

If you are shopping for vacuum cleaners, high-end crafting supplies, furniture, or any other big-ticket items, make sure to scan their barcode with the Walmart app to find out the price online.

If the item is cheaper online, which is often the case, you can ask the cashier to sell it to you for the price in the app. Kathryn says that this is at the manager’s discretion, but she has never been denied.

Walmart Clearance

The best time to shop in the clearance section is at the change of seasons. You can get crafts supplies, outdoor equipment, and other high-quality things for a fraction of the price. However, different stores have different clearance prices.

Kathryn’s tip is to check the Walmart app: it shows you how much the item costs at each store. Moreover, if you search up on Instagram, you can find out what items are currently on clearance, and then use the app to find the best deal in your area.

Walmart Secret Clearance

Secret clearance is items that are not marked down, but show up as cheaper when you scan them with the app. This usually means that the employees have not had time to change the price tags yet. You will find clearance items that are actually even cheaper than their tag says.

Walmart shopping secrets

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