Take a Tour of This Impressive Self-Built Shipping Container Home

by Simplify

While many people these days sign contracts to have shipping container homes built for them, some brave souls are jumping headfirst into these huge projects all on their own.

Courtney and her husband are one such couple who decided to go the more untraditional route, skipping the specialized builder and constructing a container home by themselves.

At a cost of only $25k and a timeframe of two short months, this self-built shipping container home is quite impressive, and it’s certainly fun to look at. Here's the full tour by Alternative House:

According to Courtney, there were several non-negotiables when it came to refurbishing a shipping container so it could become their home.

First, they wanted a king-sized bed. And that meant their bedroom had to be located at the end of the container and take up the entire width of it. Second, they wanted a pass-through bathroom because it would allow them to optimize all of the square footage found in their hallway. Third, they wanted to have a real, plumbed-in toilet that tied into the septic system already located on their land.

After those considerations were accounted for, it was time to plan out other desirable features that would work with the space they had left.

Courtney and her husband were able to create a large storage area with the help of an IKEA vanity in the bathroom. Plus, they installed an integrated sink and countertop that comes with two, full-sized drawers that are not impeded by plumbing underneath.

Shipping containers

The kitchen in their self-built shipping container home also sports IKEA cabinets, which the couple designed with sliding shelves and custom storage solutions in each drawer. Even their TV is mounted on a swivel, making it possible to watch from several rooms.

Lastly, their shipping container home is full of furniture that was chosen intentionally with both form and function in mind.

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