Her Fiancé Built Her a Tiny Container Home in His Backyard

by Simplify

Tammy is a flight attendant and a lifestyle blogger. She loves creativity, color, and coffee. Tammy lives in a tiny shipping container home in her fiancés backyard in Houston, Texas. She takes Tiny House Expedition on a tour of her “she shed.”

As a flight attendant, with a chaotic schedule, a conventional house didn’t work for Tammy. Luckily, her fiancé was in the real estate business and very handy. He was able to convert the shipping container that he had used for storage into a “she shed” for Tammy. Tammy calls her tiny container home “Crayon Box,” because it’s decorated with lots of color.

Shipping containers

The Crayon Box is built into a 40-foot shipping container. It cost $60,000 to convert the container into a home. Tammy’s fiancé designed the layout, and Tammy did the decor.

Tammy chose to decorate her “she shed” with a blue ceiling. She has lots of creative and colorful artwork hanging up. In her living room, which doubles as her coffee-drinking and meditation area, Tammy hung a huge statement piece with popping flowers.

Tammy’s bedroom also features unique and creative artwork, including a piece she commissioned in the Dominican Republic. The artwork is actually made from sand from a Dominican Republic beach. Tammy also keeps a TV in her bedroom on a rolling stand. That way, she can move it to the living room, if she wants to watch it socially.

The Crayon Box’s kitchen is a sort of “mini-kitchen.” There’s no oven or stove. Tammy mostly uses it to make coffee, which is an essential part of her lifestyle content channel on social media. Her fiancé found her refrigerator, which is unique because of its popping blue color, which nearly matches her ceiling.

Tiny container home

Tammy’s favorite part of the tiny container home is the swing outside. She plans to hold onto the home, and use it as a content creation office and a “she shed” to get away from the family chaos in the main home, after marriage. Would you live in a tiny container home? Let us know in the comments.

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