Discover This Tiny Home for a Family of 4 in the Rocky Mountains

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Living in a tiny home is a great way to save money and live a simpler lifestyle. But many people don’t realize that tiny house debt-free living can also help you reach your life goals faster. And that’s exactly what Josh and Kendra are doing.

After finding the perfect tiny home for a family of 4 in the Rocky Mountains, this debt-free family is saving up for more traditional homeownership in the future.

Living in the Rocky Mountains

Wanting to stay at home with the kids while her husband stocks shelves at a local grocery store, Kendra started her search for a tiny house for a family of 4 that would meet all of their needs and their budget. Once she found one, she quickly bought it, and her family has been living in it ever since.

The thing about their debt-free tiny house journey is that, while they are all crammed into only 270 square feet of space, it still feels like home.

On the outside, they have a cute deck to enjoy during the warmer summer months and plenty of nature surrounding them to explore. Plus, they have tons of covered wood boxes to supply their wood-burning stove, insulated water lines, and insulation panels to keep their bathroom from freezing during the long winter months.

On the inside, they have a kitchen with a surprising amount of counter space, a pantry, open shelving, small appliances, and a tankless water heater. And the dining space directly next to the kitchen has a table, book storage area, and a family bulletin board.

Tiny home for a family of 4

This tiny home for a family of 4 also has two loft bedrooms and a bathroom with an Incinolet toilet that burns all of their waste, a full-size shower and bath, and a sink. And all this for just $55k.

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  • Hope Hope on Feb 23, 2023

    I'm VERY intrigued by the Tiny Home concept. Did you buy the land that you are living on separately or do you rent the land you set up in a park..?

  • Dav21952598 Dav21952598 on May 16, 2023

    They obviously have parents who own the ground… the grandparents live close as they said