Take a Tour of This Incredible Semi-truck Home

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Clayton and Teresa have retired and moved into a semi-truck converted to home. This seemingly tiny home truck fits a surprising amount of rooms and fits all the couple’s needs.

The converted truck tiny home is a 2004 Volvo VNL, with 750 000 miles on it. Clayton was never a trucker, and he bought the truck at an auction.

The couple installed a pop-up roof and transformed the insides to convert it from a commercial truck into a real two-story home. 

There are 20 solar panels on the roof, providing 5000 watts of power. A pellet stove is a sustainable heating source, and there is also a heat pump upstairs. 

Inside, there is a fully functional kitchen and dining room. An entire room is dedicated to storing the couple’s clothes.

The shower and the washroom are separated to allow for simultaneous use of both, and there is a small laundry room with a washer and a dryer. 


Clayton and Teresa have equipped a room to serve as both a home movie theater and an office, and created a space for reading, with a small library and a comfy chair.

The bed is on slides, so it is not in the way during the day, but at night it can be moved to the center to allow for both Clayton and Teresa to get out of it on their own side. Finally, in the living room there is a kitchenette, to make tea and coffee without having to go downstairs.

Teresa and Clayton share that their lifestyle has become slower since they have moved into their semi-truck home. They say this has been their lifelong dream, and living on the road has brought them closer to each other.

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Semi-truck home

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