This Tiny House With Pool Offers Luxury Vacation-Style Tiny Living

by Simplify

This tiny house with a pool, located on the Greek island of Kythnos, combines a luxury vacation lifestyle with tiny home living. This tiny villa has stunning sea views, as well as a communal area for the use of villa residents.

The compound, consisting of three villas of 430 square feet each, is entered through a stone archway that gives it an ancient and rustic feeling.

It was important to the architects to incorporate Greek culture into the aesthetics, through the use of clean design and white walls that act as a natural way of keeping the house cooler. This white theme is also echoed in the wooden ceilings, which were painted white in order to match the general white aesthetic that can be found throughout the tiny villa.

The villa is divided into two zones: the raised bathroom/bedroom area and the lower kitchen/dining area.

When you enter the villa, there is a small hidden fridge on the right, as well as storage space for kitchen items. The kitchen counter also acts as a dining space, with the countertop doubling as a table. However, the compound grounds can be an outdoor dining room for most of the year. The kitchen is equipped with a two-stove cooktop that can be pulled in and out, to save space when it’s not in use.

The tiny house is located on the Greek island of Kythnos

The living space has a built-in L-shaped sofa that is made from cement and wood; it can convert into a double bed to accommodate extra guests. This same built-in cement and wood aesthetic can be found in the bed, which is two steps higher than the kitchen/dining area, providing a natural separation. The bathroom is next to the bedroom, and is semi-open, separated from the bedroom by a frosted glass divider.

Tiny home with a pool

Right outside the bedroom, there are glass doors that open onto a pool shaded by a pergola. This tiny house pool transforms the villa into a luxurious vacation spot.

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