She Towed Her 160 Sq Ft Tiny House to a Remote Island

by Simplify

When Jillian and Ken first met, she owned a 40k tiny house that she learned how to build from scratch and he owned a plot of land on a remote island and just so happened to be looking for a tiny house to stay in.

As fate would have it, they fell in love, wanted to move in together, and decided that towing a tiny house to the island was their best option after all. So nowadays, their 160 sq ft tiny house makes the perfect off-grid getaway for the two of them.

Towing a tiny house

While it may not seem like much, the 160 sq ft tiny house plans Jillian came up with do, in fact, have everything they need to live a simple lifestyle on the island while they’re there.

With designated areas for an entryway, seating area, kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping loft, Jillian and Ken have plenty of space to feel comfortable and cozy at home, especially in large part thanks to their propane heater.

Built directly on top of a trailer, tiny house towing is made a lot easier for the couple when it’s needed. Plus, it also allowed Jillian to add all of the necessary plumbing between the trailer and the floor of the bathroom themselves as she built it.

With just one step up, Jillian moves into the bathroom which includes a composting toilet, a shower made out of a horse trough tub, an on-demand water heater, and a small sink.

160 sq ft tiny house

The kitchen in their 160 sq ft tiny house includes additional counter space created by converting an old sewing machine, reclaimed cabinets, a big basin sink from an antique shop, a two burner stove, and a full-size refrigerator. And while their tiny house keeps evolving over time, especially the design of the kitchen, Jillian and Ken make it work for them.

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  • Cin48015516 Cin48015516 on Nov 26, 2022

    How did they tow this to an island? Did they hire a boat?

    • Carol de la Fuente Carol de la Fuente on Oct 06, 2023

      In the video, it shows the vehicle with the tiny house on a ferry along with other vehicles being transported across the water.

  • Susan Susan on Oct 06, 2023

    Great story. Love the place. What a trip bringing it to the Island. How cool.