Take a Tour of This Cute Caboose Tiny Home

by Simplify

Take a tour of a new caboose tiny home that’s part of Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland, Oregon. Every house on the grounds has a different theme. The newest addition is a cheerful yellow caboose-style house built by Bruce Westra of Friesian Woodcrafters.

It’s 18 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and 13.5 feet tall at the highest point. The caboose home includes a cache of railroad history, artwork, and decor, and its design and the house’s name honor the hotel owner’s grandfather, Arthur, who loved trains.

Caboose tiny home

The front porch is metal with a grated top to mimic the platforms of an actual caboose. Inside, there’s a mini office space plus a loft area with a queen-sized bed.

The caboose home carries the theme outdoors into the back of the tiny home by covering up all the utilities under a little depot station built out with what appears to be luggage and a bunch of trunks and chests. The design is as authentic as possible of what it would be like to live in a caboose home.

Some of the details of the train caboose home include a tiny desk, an electrified old kerosene lamp, and other antique finds. The kitchen and bathroom have old-fashioned touches, including old hand-pump-style faucets, and ceramic sinks, plus repurposed railroad spikes to hold cups, toilet paper, and towels.

Railroad-style lanterns are hung in the loft area on either side of the bed and trunks are used as nightstands.

The finishing touch? A tiny metal caboose-style back porch with two chairs so guests can enjoy the secluded outdoor area.

Caboose tiny home

Would you like to stay in a caboose tiny home or can you see yourself living in this tiny home? Let us know in the comments below.

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