Take a Look Inside This Gooseneck Tiny House in North Carolina

by Simplify

Emily, a 31-year-old lawyer who recently relocated to North Carolina, lives in a fabulous 41-foot gooseneck tiny house you have to see to believe. Parked on a beautiful property surrounded by 30 acres of pristine land, Emily says she was surprised by how hard it would be to find the right place for her tiny house gooseneck trailer thanks to the many legal restrictions in her area.

Her tiny home used to be a gooseneck truck trailer

But now that she’s found the perfect spot—a budding tiny house community with a natural backdrop—Emily has quite an impressive tiny home.

Her outdoor areas include building a large deck with plenty of furniture and a firepit. And her gooseneck tiny house interior is just as exciting. With lots of wood accents, white subway tiles, and bright pops of color throughout, Emily’s gooseneck tiny house certainly doesn’t look like just any old trailer.

The set of french doors she added to her gooseneck trailer tiny house bring in plenty of extra light, and the painting she had commissioned captures the backpacking trip she recently took in Rocky Mountain National Park.

When asked why she’s always wanted to live in a gooseneck tiny house, Emily says that first and foremost, she thinks it’s cool, and she enjoys the lifestyle it brings. Second, it’s much cheaper than buying a traditional house in many ways. And lastly, it provides a lot of flexibility since she can move it anywhere.

Gooseneck tiny house

Thanks to its intentional design, Emily says her gooseneck tiny house actually feels bigger than her old apartment in New York City even though it’s technically not. With the addition of her laundry station, composting toilet, and sliding barn door, the tiny house has both form and function and allows her to live comfortably all year long.

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  • Cyn Cyn on Aug 19, 2022

    I would like to try it! So, tell us who built this goose neck trailer into such a fantastic home!!