How to Live in a Yurt All Year Round

by Simplify

Have you ever wondered if you can live in a yurt full-time? It might seem impractical because of where you’re located or the year-round climate you’re accustomed to, but Gro and her partner show others how to live in a yurt full-time and actually enjoy it.

This yurt tour by Alternative House shows how practically anyone can picture themselves jumping headfirst into this alternative lifestyle.

After climbing the small ladder and stepping inside, the first word that will probably come to mind is enchanting. Gro’s yurt tour is full of surprises, but the biggest surprise for many is just how charming the interior of their home actually is.

Anyone imagining what it would be like to live in a yurt probably never visualized themselves being surrounded by textured linens on the walls, wood trellises, lantern lighting, and live plants. But that’s exactly what you’ll find when visiting Gro and her partner at home.

Their spherical home is larger, more open, and significantly more inviting than you would ever guess while standing outside. And it lends itself well to having different zones in which to dress, cook, relax, and sleep.

Traditional Mongolian yurt

According to Gro, discovering how to live in a yurt for the first time does require some logistics. While working in the kitchen, Gro and her partner must go outside to collect water in a large glass dispenser for cooking and cleaning purposes and use a bucket under the sink to remove dirty water from their home.

A wood stove provides heat throughout the day, felted wool offers natural insulation, and a glass window in the ceiling brings in tons of natural light.

Plus, the entire structure can be taken down quite easily for transportation purposes, making it far cheaper to relocate than other tiny house options, which is one of the many reasons why discovering how to live in a yurt year-round is a smart decision for many.

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