This Affordable Tiny Home Has a Unique Layout

by Simplify

Nikki is an incredible woman with a passion for teaching and coaching kids with special needs. Tired of living with such a strapped budget, she decided to sell her more traditional home and find an affordable tiny home that met all of her needs.

Knowing that there were unique tiny homes on the market that would allow her to save money and live comfortably while continuing in the career she chose, Nikki says that minimalism is a new lifestyle she has come to embrace.

No longer having so many material items controlling how she spent her time and money, Nikki says she really enjoys the cozy space she’s created and spending more of her life focused on having experiences rather than things.

Some of the unique tiny home ideas she incorporated into her new home include installing vaulted wood plank ceilings, clerestory windows, indoor plants that thrive with all of the natural light, and french and sliding doors.

Nikki’s affordable tiny home also features a standing desk, doggie door, through-the-wall fan, and curtains strategically placed to hide built-in storage areas. Plus, she has a ceiling fan, a homemade tv projector, and a range hood in the kitchen.

While Nikki loves many things about her home, she says she would change a few things if she could. Lighting fixtures and the placement of outlets are at the top of her list.

On an official tour of her affordable tiny home, one notices just how large her bathroom is as well as the wardrobe and laundry space adjacent to it. With pull-out drawers for shoes and jewelry, Nikki has plenty of organization in place for all of her clothing and accessory items.

Lastly, the kitchen and loft bedroom in this affordable tiny home are just what Nikki envisioned.

Affordable tiny home

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  • Nancy Nancy on Mar 18, 2023

    I love it, too live in a tiny home not a apartment complex with all the drama is my dream! Please realize how lucky you are!. Nancy Phoenix Az