This Couple Escaped the Rat Race to Live in a Box Truck Tiny House

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Karen and Rob are living large in a box truck tiny house. The Canadian couple chose to exit the rat race and prioritize their health and happiness. They moved out of their Alberta home into a box truck tiny home that they designed themselves.

The couple came up with the idea to live tiny after years of high property taxes and utility bills. They were aging, working seasonally, and wanted to spend their free time seeing the world. They purchased an old oil fuel truck, which only had about 63,000 miles on it, and turned it into their new home.

The truck was refurbished and reinsulated (and the engine needed to be fixed as well). It cost CAD30,000 for the truck and CAD25,000 for the work, which comes out to about $40,000 in US dollars.

To drive home the reason they chose to go tiny, a little decal on the front door says “Adventures with RREV.” RREV stands for Rat Race Escape Vehicle, but Rob and Karen also call their box truck tiny house, “Big Ruth.”

Box truck

The truck is designed for off-road and adventuring. Outside, there are tanks for propane, sewage, and enough clean water for two weeks. There's wifi and a solar hookup.

Because they used to own a pizza restaurant, they also keep a portable pellet wood stove on hand for pizza making.

Inside, the goal was a cozy, utilitarian space that didn’t feel so small. They managed this by maximizing all available surfaces. The kitchen sink doubles as a bathroom sink. Their eating area has a swivel TV and a pull-out card table.

There is a large clothing closet, and the bed pulls down from the ceiling, so they can use the bedroom space during the day. There are also fold-out cushions that turn their sitting area into easy chairs.

Box truck tiny house

The couple explains that living this way is less stressful. They are also healthier and more active since living tiny encourages them to get outside and move more. They feel they really have a chance to experience the world through travel.

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